Sustainability Coach + Manager

A Sustainability Coach + Manager encourages and honors businesses, neighbors and others for taking environmental actions, and helps them take those environmental actions. If you would like a job that pays you to help keep our exquisite Earth [more]

Peoples Climate March >>>> Every φ⇑♥;}≈ϑ Day

Play >> People’s Climate March – Every φ⇑♥;}≈ϑ Day .mp3 Join *People’s Climate March – Solo* every day, wherever you are, with climate action signs, words, buttons, temporary tattoos, tagged clothes and your body to show others you [more]

Try Vegan Please [How To Not Go Extinct]

“I power up my vegan brain with 250mg of agae omega-3 EPA and DHA every day. I also carry a little bottle of ground flax seeds and nutritional yeast so I can bump up the omega-3-fatty-acids, B vitamins [more]