Wild Donkeys of the Richtersveld 2
Play> Kiss Your Gas Goodbye .mp3 Kiss Your Gas Goodbye/ stele c14 music: Unspeakable Desire/ Electronic Senses kiss your gas goodbye to keep our buns having fun and save our behinds for a groovy grind to save a friend’s cute hind end burn less gasoline begs the rooty booty on […]

Kiss Your Gas Goodbye

YourLifeDependsOnItPeoplesClimateMarch 5
Play> Peoples Climate March .mp3 Peoples Climate March — Everyday / stele c14 Peoples Climate March, Everyday! for all the sweet, _______ life, we say we march, to stop the mega storms and hurricanes we march, to stop the wicked droughts and heat waves we march, to stop the bloody […]

Peoples Climate March – Everyday

Gnarly Tree Sunset Silouette 1
Play> *Passion Tree* mp3 Passion Tree / stele ely c2010 touch my .bright green .leaves not .high /c dm7 em c although a sapling .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7 live to .give to .one you .love /c dm7 em c oxygen and .weather .divine /dm7 c dm7 so water […]

Passion Tree

www.flickr.com/photos/maiac 5
.one wolverine dreams A .of slow voles, and dead things 3Bm .to savor .tummy .yummies 3C#m 3D A drink waters so pristine with no lead or mercury .that dirty .coal is histo.ry

Wolverine Dreams

flickr.com/photos/kamoteus/2405999834 IGUAna
Play> *Home Om* mp3 Home Om stele c10 home. around the sun she fly-ah D G [close in] (open d) om magic waters, rocks and .sky-ah A D home 2 million .species love the ride-ah D G / ome. A D archaea .pro.tista, bryophytes. bac.teria G A D, A G […]

Home Om

marcellus_hydraulic_graphic_090514-1[1] 20
Fracking Gasholes by XOEarth Play> *Fracking Gasholes* mp3 Fracking Gasholes /stele ely c12 [Sponsor this song] 5 million gallons injected per well aquifers wasted, tastes like hell for all the life that loves to live demand a law, kill the drill fracking gasholes we know you know a million reasons […]

Fracking Gasholes

Play> *Hearts and Hands* mp3 Dedicated to co-operative farmer’s markets and co-op food stores. HEARTS AND .HANDS Stele c02 come hearts and .hands .in co-oper-ation d g a d for life and .planet harmoni-zation em a for community and family.crystalliz-ation d g bm for all creatures’. jubi-lation g a d […]

Hearts And Hands

To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover 10
Play >> *To Bee* mp3 To Bee / stele10 (with thanks to Angela) honey conjured for their babies E F#m Abm F#m pollen fetched for the queen E F#m Abm F#m rousing flowers with their kisses A Bm C#m D buzzing tunes on crystal wings E F#m Abm A to […]

To Bee