Crazy Stretched Faces

Coal Crazy 5

Play >> Coal Crazy .mp3 is that a purple alien smirking
in that jiggling jello tree
or a two headed squirrel burping
what is reality i gotta shut those coal plants down
before their…


Hearts And Hands

Play >> Hearts And Hands .mp3 come hearts and hands in cooperation
for life and planet harmonization
for community and family crystalliz-ation
for all creatures’ jubilation come hearts and .hands .in co-oper-ation d g…

To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover

To Bee 10

Play >> To Bee .mp3 honey conjured for their babies
pollen fetched for the queen
rousing flowers with their kisses
buzzing tunes on crystal wings
to bee or not to be,
sings sweet Melissa…

by Leonard John Matthews : bottle on a lily pad : on a lily pad in Humpybong Creek, Redcliffe, a discarded bottle spoils the scene.

Homie Water 1

Play >> Homie Water .mp3 soggy clouds please squeeze up there
come into our water faucets if you care
share your droplets pure and free
homie waters for my sweet baby our passion drinks…