Give 200 Minutes A Day To Save This Fun But Fading Planet /HERO 200


Become a HERO 200 by giving 200 minutes every day to your fave environmental organization, community project and/or eco action to help save your dying Earth, save your peeps and save 200 species.

As a HERO 200 you will be giving your time so that 45% of all multi-cellular life does not disappear in the next 5 years. [Guesstimate]

We know that 200 minutes a day is a huge ask. But you know we are in a Climate Emergency.

And know that when you are a HERO 200, you are standing with millions of other amazing and bold Earth heroes who are giving 200 minutes or more a day to help keep this exquisite planet livable and fun.

So thanks for joining us to stop the climate change monsters - wildfires, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes and more - that are messing up our biosphere.

Feel free to give us a shout out every day to tell us about your XOEarth HERO 200 actions and how many minutes you score for our home every day.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely + XOEarth

PS: Every single minute that you volunteer with environmental organization[s] and on project[s] that help keep the planet cool helps more people and other lifeforms live longer. So even if you don't hit your HERO 200 goal on any day, every minute that you give is appreciated.

HERO 200 minutes are considered minutes that are in addition to the everyday choices that an EcoLogical Consumer takes.

When you don't have time to get in your full 200 minutes, if you would like, here's how to "buy some time" by donating money to your fave environmental organizations.

Yes, 200 minutes is 3 hours and 20 min per day.

Some Of Our Fave Superb Eco Orgs To Volunteer With /HERO 200

+ 350 [.org]
+ SierraClub [.org]
+ ExtinctionRebellion [.org] / xrebellion [.org]
+ Sunrise Movement [.org]
+ Citizens Climate Lobby [.org]
+ XOEarth [.org, yes, we need volunteers too]
+ NRDC [.org]
+ EDF [.org]
+ Greenpeace [.org]
+ Climate Reality Project [.org]
+ Colorado Rising [.org]
+ PETA [.org]
+ Anonymous for the Voiceless [.org]
+ Grist [.org]
+ Sea Shepherd [.org]
+ Earth Justice [.org]

Some Of Our Fave Community Projects and Eco Actions To Give Time To /HERO 200

+ rebel, strike, block, protest, occupy and work with environmental organizations that are helping slow down the climate change monsters
+ help others, such as your neighbors or co-workers, take eco actions, such as growing organic gardens and food to reduce agriculture greenhouse gases and put carbon into the soil
+ volunteer, canvass and share info to get environmental candidates elected
+ volunteer, canvass and share info to get environmental protection laws and carbon taxes passed
+ volunteer to become the Sustainability Coach and Manager where you work
+ help others burn as little fossil fuels as possible
+ rebel or strike every day with others or solo
+ help others eat a plant based diet - vegan or vegetarian
+ help others make their job a green job
+ help others live close to work
+ help others make their home eco efficient
+ help others buy solar or wind energy credits for home and biz
+ help others burn little or no jet fuel
+ help others use alternative transportation
+ help others donate to eco organizations and eco candidates
+ help others with birth control decisions
+ quit your job to take a super eco logical job
+ help your job or profession become carbon neutral
+ help others boycott over-packaged products - when possible
+ honor others every day for their eco work
+ challenge others every day to take specific eco actions
+ help others boycott single serving products - unless it is not possible
+ tell your peeps about the Green Minute Rule
+ help others become a XOEarth HERO 200
+ help others put on tats, tags and style to rep Team XOEarth
+ post and share on XOEarth Facebook posts on your Facebook timeline
+ speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
+ help others pay their carbon offset tax at $800 a ton

Again, the Earth's biosphere and kids and the critters majorly appreciate every minute that you give to them every day.

Buy Some Of Your Minutes

When you need to, you can also buy some of your minutes by donating money to any environmental organization that is fighting hard to stop climate change. One minute of income from your job will buy you one minute towards your 200 minutes.

For example, if you make $20 an hour net including benefits, you can buy 60 minutes towards your 200 minutes by donating $20 to an org that is working to slow down the wildfires, floods, heatwaves and hurricanes.

When you want to buy some of your 200 minutes, we hope you will consider donating to one of our fave organizations that are listed both above and below.

+ / greenliving/carboncalculator
+ /carbon
+ / services/energy-attribute-certificates

What Does Planet Earth Say?

I hope Planet Earth says, "Yes, a person IS a HERO if they are volunteering 200 minutes a day to help slow down the climate monsters that are killing the amazing species and ecosystems that live on me".

Know that the 200 minutes the Earth is asking for are also dedicated to helping save 200 plus species that are in danger of extinction every day.

If you have a suggestion for a better metric to cheer on Team Earth, tell us.

Again, thanks so much to the every one of you Earth loving peeps who are a HERO 200.

For all the life, Stele Ely

"The greatest threat to our dying planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~ Robert Swan"

EcoLogical Consumer

HERO 200 minutes are in addition to the minutes that every EcoLogical Consumer should give.

Even though the following are very important EcoLogical Consumer actions, the time it takes to do them does not count towards a person's HERO 200 minutes. But yes, they DO count towards a person's EcoLogical Consumer time.
+ use as little fossil fuels as much as possible
+ minimize the use of unnecessary products as much as possible
+ consume plant-based foods as much as possible
+ use as little plastic as much as possible
+ make one's job or career as sustainable as possible
+ recycle and compost as much as possible
+ vote for environmentally smart candidates and initiatives as much as possible
+ bike, bus, carpool, rideshare or use other low CO2 travel modes

More actions that an EcoLogical Consumer can take is on the Green Minute Rule page.

HERO 200 Awards and Perks

We would like to give you a shout out for the actions that you take every day as a HERO 200. So write a post about how your HERO 200 day went and post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and tag it with XOEarth so we can say hi and stuff.

Or, if you prefer to write a post as a comment at the bottom of this page, that's cool too.

Plus, we sometimes and randomly offer to mail XOEarth Awards signed by Stele to honor some of you HERO 200 peeps. If you get picked, we will ask for your mailing address so we can send it to you.

And for those who are going for HERO 200+ levels - such as HERO 300, HERO 400 or HERO 500 - please tell us about how that's going too.

Stand With Millions Of Other HERO 200 Peeps

When you are a HERO 200, you are standing with millions of other amazing and powerful environmentalists who have given 200 minutes or more a day to help the magical and beautiful places that are still left.

So take a little time to get to know a few of the other people who have become an honorary HERO 200 at,, and Google.

Enjoy the company of these honorary HERO 200s:
+ Edward Abbey (writer, activist, philosopher)
+ Bayarjargal Agvaantseren (Mongolian conservationist)
+ Ansel Adams (photographer, writer, activist)
+ Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad (environmental activist and economist of Bangladesh)
+ David Attenborough (broadcaster, naturalist)
+ Sundarlal Bahuguna (environmentalist)
+ Wendell Berry (farmer, philosopher)
+ Chandi Prasad Bhatt (Gandhian environmentalist)
+ Murray Bookchin (anarchist, philosopher, social ecologist)
+ Wendy Bowman, Australian environmental activist
+ David Brower (writer, activist)
+ Lester Brown (environmentalist)
+ Kevin Buzzacott (Aboriginal activist)
+ Helen Caldicott (medical doctor)
+ Joan Carling (Filipino human rights defender)
+ Rachel Carson (biologist, writer)
+ Jacques-Yves Cousteau (explorer, ecologist)
+ Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)
+ Rolf Disch (environmentalist and solar energy pioneer)
+ René Dubos (microbiologist)
+ Paul R. Ehrlich (population biologist)
+ Hans-Josef Fell (German Green Party member)
+ Jane Fonda (actor)
+ Mizuho Fukushima (politician, activist)
+ James Hansen (scientist)
+ Denis Hayes (environmentalist and solar power advocate)
+ Tetsunari Iida (sustainable energy advocate)
+ John James Audubon (naturalist)
+ Naomi Klein (writer, activist)
+ Winona LaDuke (environmentalist)
+ Aldo Leopold (ecologist)
+ A. Carl Leopold (plant physiologist)
+ James Lovelock (scientist)
+ Caroline Lucas (politician)
+ Mark Lynas (journalist, activist)
+ Kaveh Madani (scientist, activist)
+ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (activist)
+ Michael McCarthy (naturalist, newspaper journalist, newspaper columnist, and author)
+ Bill McKibben (writer, activist)
+ Mahesh Chandra Mehta (lawyer, environmentalist)
+ Chico Mendes (activist)
+ George Monbiot (journalist)
+ John Muir (naturalist, activist)
+ Luke Mullen (actor, filmmaker, environmentalist/activist)
+ Hilda Murrell (botanist, activist)
+ Ralph Nader (activist)
+ Gaylord Nelson (politician)
+ Eugene Pandala (architect, environmentalist, natural and cultural heritage conservator)
+ Medha Patkar (activist)
+ River Phoenix (actor, musician, activist)
+ Jonathon Porritt (politician)
+ Phil Radford (environmental, clean energy and democracy advocate, Greenpeace Executive Director)
+ Ken Saro-Wiwa (writer, television producer, activist)
+ E. F. Schumacher (author of Small is Beautiful)
+ Shimon Schwarzschild (writer, activist)
+ Vandana Shiva (environmental activist)
+ Gary Snyder (poet)
+ Jill Stein (Presidential candidate)
+ David Suzuki (scientist, broadcaster)
+ Candice Swanepoel (model)
+ Henry David Thoreau (writer, philosopher)
+ Greta Thunberg (activist)
+ Jo Valentine (politician and activist)
+ Paul Watson (activist and lecturer)
+ Robert K. Watson (environmental advocate, founder of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
+ Franz Weber (environmentalist and animal welfare activist)







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