Sustainability Coach + Manager


A Sustainability Coach + Manager encourages and honors businesses, neighbors and others for taking environmental actions, and helps them take those environmental actions.

If you would like a job that pays you to help keep our exquisite Earth cool and livable [past 2035?], you are a pretty good communicator and you are a pretty good problem solver, then a Sustainability Coach + Manager might be the job for you.

As a Sustainability Coach you can use awards [with a little ceremony], video [to record the ceremony], social media, comedy, art, dance, selfies, signs, photo ops, puppets, costumes, energy saving games, videos [yours or others], PR and psych to encourage and honor businesses, employees, customers, neighbors and others for taking environmental actions.

As a Sustainability Manager you can help a business or others take environmental actions - such as, bike share, bus, ride share, make rad recycle and compost stations, do energy saving upgrades, start a carbon offset/tax program, sponsor an ecological non-profit, make products more eco, reduce single use and reduce waste.

So it's two cool eco jobs in one!

At first, you will probably not have the skills for a lot of the recommended eco actions on your list. When you don't have a skill for an eco action that the business or others want to take, you can offer to help find a reputable handyman or professional that can do that work. Plus, you may be able to collect a referral commission from the handyman or professional, and assist them in the work.

Of course, when you do have the skill to complete an eco action for a business or others, that's great too.

To start this job tomorrow, study this page, make your own environmental awards or print-out our XOEarth Awards, and make or print-out a list eco actions that businesses and others can take to become more sustainable, and then go into businesses or go to your neighbors, and tell them that you want to be their Sustainability Coach + Manager [SCM].

Plus, whatever your talent is - writing, math, filmmaking, sports, communication, art, music, engineering, software or whatever - there is a good chance there is a way to use that talent as a Sustainability Coach + Manager. Contact Stele to talk about how to use your talents in your SCM job.

You can do this work part-time or full-time. Offer your services as a paid contract worker, so that a business does not have to make you an employee. That will make it easier for businesses and others to hire you.

One way to get a Sustainability Coach + Manager job

1] Design and print - or hand-make - some environmental awards that you can give to businesses and others, or, print out some XOEarth Awards, or, send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send you some free XOEarth Awards mailed to you from us.

2] Make some flyers with a list of sustainability actions a business and others can take. [See the list below and see our page.]

3] Go into a business or visit a neighbor.

4] Say, "Hello, my name is ________, and I am a bit worried about the health of our Earth's ecosystems, so I am working to help keep our planet cool and livable. I am here to give you this environmental award for the actions that you take or promise to take in your business [or home] to make it more sustainable, in order to help save our planet's biosphere. Here is my list of suggested environmental actions to make your business [or home] make sustainable."

5] a) If the person tells you about the actions they are environmental actions they are taking or promise to take, fill out and give them an environmental award that honors them for the specific actions they are take or promise to take. The 'slow' XOEarth Awards work good for this.

    b) If the person says they are busy, or they do not tell you a specific environmental action that they take or promise to take, give them an environmental award and say, "This award honors you for the environmental actions that you take now or start taking this month." The 'fast' XOEarth Awards work good for this.

Before giving the business the award, it's great to ask the business or person if they will pledge to take an additional eco action that you suggest from your list of eco actions. They may or may not agree at that time. However, asking businesses and others to *up their game to save our biosphere* is an important part of the Sustainability Coach job.

Have your camera or video camera ready if the awardee agrees that it can be recorded for social media or other media.

6] Optionally, as you are giving the person the award or after the person accepts the award, consider adding something unexpected and media worthy to thank them for their environmental actions or pledge. Have your camera or video camera ready if you can tell that the awardee does not mind that it is recorded. Examples include a cheer, victory dance, selfies or videos, flash mob, cool eco facts, climate change stats, sing a thankyou song, do a singalong, tell an eco story, rap, do a magic trick while stating the eco metaphor, do an Earth warrior yoga pose, do your signature move, do the XO-Earth arm and hand signal, or give them a symbolic item [such as a leaf or flower from a local source]. Post the pics and vid to social media or other media.

7] Then, after wrapping up the " environmental award show", pause for a moment, then tell the manager or person that you would like to be their Sustainability Coach + Manager. Offer to come in once a week, once a month or every day. Hand them your flyer with the list of environmental actions, or show them the list on a phone or computer.

8] a) If the person says yes to hiring you, great, celebrate that you got the job!

    b) If they say no to hiring you, great, celebrate that you have encouraged a business or neighbor to take actions that will help save our planet!

9] a) If you got the job, have fun getting to work saving our planet and our lives!

    b) If you did not get a job, go to the next business or neighbor to give them an environmental award, do your talk and cheer them on!


Check out our "Ideas for the Sustainability Coach" and "Ideas for the Sustainability Manager" below.

Remember, even if a business that you talk to does not hire you, it's crucial that we ask and encourage more businesses managers and others to take the important eco actions that are necessary to extend the life of our planet and save our lives.

The amount of time you spend doing your Sustainability Coach job versus your Sustainability Manager job will depend on the business's needs, your skills and your interests.

Know that a lot of businesses that do not think they need a Sustainability Coach + Manager really DO need one.

Our planet needs at least 40 million Sustainability Coaches + Managers to help save our oceans, soils, air and slow down climate change - so go get that job!

If all things go well, you might get so good at helping businesses and peeps become sustainable that you might get a job as the Chief Sustainability Officer [CSO] for a company somewhere!

Contact Stele at if you want to talk to him about this job and how to use your current talents to succeed as a Sustainability Coach + Manager.

Title Tweeks

Depending on your vibe and the eco services that you offer, you can call yourself a Sustainability Coach, Sustainability Cheerleader, Chief Sustainability Officer [CSO], Sustainability Guy, Sustainability Girl, Sustainability Geek, Sustainability Assistant, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Consultant, Sustainability Helper, Sustainability Manager or SCM.

Ideas for the Sustainability Coach

When asking a business or a neighbor to be their Sustainability Coach, offer to work once a day or week or month to cheer on the team to take environmental actions and help them take some of those actions.

On most any day, simply giving out your environmental awards or the XOEarth Awards is a good way to cheer on managers, employees, customers, neighbors and others on the team.

Help a business use their social media networks to encourage and thank employees and customers to take environmental actions. Help write and share posts and images that call on the peeps to make sustainable choices.

Help a business create signs and notices for inside and outside that encourage everyone to take environmental actions.

If you organize an environmental rally, use banners, flags, signs or other props to create a stage inside or outside, then get up there and cheer your team on.

Do eco cheers while doing cool jumps, victory dances, rad moves or cartwheels. Consider using some cheers that focus on specific environmental actions.

When you are cheering on the team as a coach, consider having your notebook or clipboard in hand. Wear an eco coach or eco hero outfit if it seems right.

When you are cheering on the team as a cheerleader, blue and green pom-poms from up-cycled old t-shirts or other repurposed fabric might be cool. Wear an eco cheerleader or eco hero outfit if it makes sense.

Leading a group in a specific cheer or eco sing-along can be good, even if you don't sing great.

Consider using a little bell, a chime, a drinking glass and spoon, a cow bell or something else to *ring* to thank team members for taking an eco action. "More Earth Cowbell."

When cheering on a group, some of the group may look skeptical or even critical. However, know that most of those skeptical looking peeps probably do like your talk. It can be hard to tell whether or not people in an audience like or dislike your presentation by watching them. A lot of peeps want to let loose and cheer with you - but peer pressure and stuff can keep them from whooping it up - or even looking happy during your presentation.

In other words, even though some people might appear annoyed even as they are clapping or cheering, inside they may be thrilled that you are getting them and others to stand up and support the eco actions or eco issue that you are cheering about. Some of the participants that we thought were annoyed have told us afterwards that they wish more people would have stood up and cheered.

It's time for more of us on Team XOEarth to holler and cheer and even boo too - to show support for our side, to show disdain for our opponents, and to have a good time while we are saving our biosphere.

After all, thousands of people jam the stadiums so they can yell out loud for their team. Not only is is it fun to cheer out loud for the team, it's also good for our Team XOEarth spirit, and it's a good way to invite others to join and play on Team XOEarth. Let's show em that our eco logical game is the best game on Earth.

Create and seek out new ways to challenge and honor managers, employees, customers, residents or neighbors for taking their eco logical actions. However, your environmental awards, XOEarth Awards, cool moves or your other classics will always be good to go.

Ideas for the Sustainability Manager

+ Start, upgrade and manage recycling stations and systems to reduce resource use.
+ Start, upgrade and manage the compost system to reduce methane greenhouse gas emissions.
+ Encourage and coordinate programs that conserve resources, such as water, paper, electricity, natural gas, gasoline and jet fuel.
+ Study up and then suggest some fun energy saving tricks and tips.
+ Offer your opinion on how to make a product more sustainable.
+ Help businesses and others offset their carbon footprint via
+ Show a business how to donate part of their profits to non-profit environmental organizations via
+ Show managers and others how to carbon offset the transportation fuel used at
+ Pitch, start and run carpool and biking incentive projects.
+ Encourage organic and plant-based foods in cafes and break rooms.
+ Start and maintain food gardens outside or inside. Research hoop-domes.
+ Help businesses and others divest from fossil fuel companies, and then invest ecologically and ethically.
+ Install smart thermostats to reduce energy waste - such as the Nest system.
+ Clean refrigerator and appliance coils, and heater filters.
+ Honor and reward those who use public transit, carpool and efficient vehicles.
+ Encourage and honor employees and customers for their personal eco choices.
+ Help business find ways to reduce airline travel - such as via teleconferences.
+ Encourage and help facilitate citizen participation and voting during election times.
+ Insulate windows, door, fridge and hot H2O lines.
+ Get permission to get a professional energy audit for the business or home.
+ Learn to do and offer your own simple energy audit.
+ Help a business or neighbor find companies to do sustainable repairs, upgrades and remodels.
+ Check oven and refrigerator gaskets.
+ Install LED lights.
+ Set water heater at 120-130F, refrigerator at 37F, freezer at 3F.
+ Put up stylish clothes lines.
+ Organize, and maintain sustainability structures.

If you have a suggestion for this list, tell us. For another cool eco action list go to our page.

Contact Stele at or search Google if you would like more info about these actions or would like more about being a Sustainability Coach + Manager.

Thanks a bunch, good luck and we hope you have fun working as a Sustainability Coach + Manager.

For all the life, Stele Ely


+ Chief sustainability officer: Wikipedia: The chief sustainability officer, sometimes known by other titles, is the corporate title of an executive position within a corporation that is in charge of the corporation's "environmental" programmes.
+ The Colorado University MENV Sustainability Planning and Management specialization will prepare students to design and implement sustainability initiatives.
+ Wikipedia:: Sustainable management takes the concepts from sustainability and synthesizes them with the concepts of management. Sustainability has three branches: the environment, the needs of present and future generations, and the economy.
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If you want your name added to our LinkedIn page as a Sustainability Coaches + Manager, we ask you to donate 1% of what you make to your favorite non-profit environmental organization. More info about that at


If you think a business needs a Sustainability Coach to encourage them to do the right things and stop doing bad things, you can go into business un-announced and do cheers that ask managers, employees and customers to take actions that are more environmental or more eco ethical.

Of course, you will probably not get paid doing it that way. But who knows, you just might get hired!

We also need more Sustainability Coaches that go into un-ethical businesses to encourage them to do the right things and stop doing bad things.

In other words, if you think a business needs a Sustainability Coach to encourage them to do the right things and stop doing bad things, go into business un-announced and do cheers that ask managers, employees and customers to take actions that are more environmental or more eco ethical.

A couple more reasons to be a Sustainability Coach + Activist is when you know that a business is not going to hire you, or you don't have time to work for a business.

More about being a *Sustainability Coach Activist* is on the page. We call you an *Occupy Cheerleader* on the page.


Go Team Earth - let's make our business [or home] green
Go Team Earth - for all the beings of the future
Go Team Earth - for all the life that loves to live
Go Team Earth - for all the children not yet born
Go Team Earth - for all the lovers yet to kiss
Go Team Earth - reduce, reuse, recycle
Go Team Earth - for the oceans, rivers, forests, air, soil and climate
Go Team Earth -

Contact your cheers to us or add them as comment below.



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