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Hello Musicians and Artists,
Help us write and record four anti-nuke songs and create the art and videos for them.
It is super crucial that we help encourage a shift to energy conservation and renewables!

For the life, Stele Ely

*The Japan Syndrome* by Carl Pope (excerpt):
My friend who had started his career at Brown’s Ferry closed his second email to me saying that he hoped he was wrong. He wasn’t, and his email shows why we shouldn’t listen to experts who tell us “it can’t happen here.” My friend pointed out that “total loss of AC power, which they had, coupled with an earthquake and a tsunami is not a design basis that many plant owners or operators contemplate.” He’s right. That’s the problem with nuclear technology. There are too many “worst-case” scenarios to include them all in a design basis or an operating plan. How many different forms could a terrorist attack take? And how many of those are adequately taken into account in the design of nuclear reactors? (Answer: very few.)

The problem with building nuclear power plants is not that they are likely to have an accident — they aren’t. In that sense, they’re relatively safe. But the magnitude and consequences of even a single such accident are simply too large to warrant even a small risk. Several hundred miles of Japan’s coastline were totally devastated by the tsunami. But the big worry facing the country, and the world, today is confined to two tiny sections of that devastation — the nuclear power plants.

Via Washington Post:

If the japanese can’t make nuclear safe, how can the rest of the world?


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