Environmental Awards. Environmental Money.

Give XOEarth Awards to honor friends, businesses, customers, employees and others for taking environmental actions.

There are two kinds of XOEarth Awards - Fast and Slow.

Slow XOEarth Awards have a place to write the name of the person being honored, the eco action they have taken, and the name of the presenter.

Fast XOEarth Awards don't need to be filled out. Fast XOEarth Awards can also be called EarthE Money - their retro name.

Here are some of our fave Fast XOEarth Awards [Money] and Slow XOEarth Awards for you to print, email and share:
Awards Mix + Over 24 Designs
Buffalo + Sierra Club + Earth Guardians
Polar Bear + NRDC + ...
Bird + Earth Justice + PETA
Mandrill + LCV + Climate Reality Project
Jane Goodall
Gibbon + + 350.org + Carbonfund.org + Climate Reality Project
John Muir + Sierra Club
Hawksbill Sea Turtle + Greenpeace + ...
Orangutan + Grist + Sierra Club
John Muir + Sierra Club
Eco Sexy Man & Woman + Grist + Leonardo DaVinci
Eye World + Climate Reality Project
Al Gore + Climate Reality Project [+ Global Warming Map]
World Climate Action + 350.org
Cougar + 350.org Colorado
Humpback Whale + Paul Watson + Sea Shepherd
Elephant + League Of Conservation Voters

Fast XOEarth Environmental Awards are good for everyday use because you don't have to fill them out, they are good for honoring big and little eco actions, and they are a fast way for honor several people at once.

Have fun using these environmental awards and eco logical money to honor friends and associates for their ecological actions, and to support programs that encourage specific eco actions -- such as a *bike to work month* or other energy conservation awareness programs.

To use Fast XOEarth Awards you can give them to others as is. That's why we call them Fast. However, if you write a little note on the back when awarding it, that's nice too. Sending XOEarth Awards or Money by email is another great way to use them.

To use Slow XOEarth Awards to honor others for their eco actions ::
1/ Fill in the person's or business's name on the "TO:_______" line.
2/ Enter what action they have taken for the planet on the "ACTION:_______" line.
3/ Sign your name on the "FROM:_______" line.
4/ Then present it to the person or business!

More XOEarth Award versions can be found via the Environmental Awards category search.

Check out our Printing Tips page too. Its lays out the best way to print XOEarth Awards and XOEarth Money [EarthE Money].

We are happy to design custom XOEarth Environmental Awards and custom XOEarth Environmental Money for groups, organizations, sustainability coordinators and company sponsored sustainability incentive programs. [For free.]

Both the Fast XOEarth Awards [Money] and Slow XOEarth Awards can be used by businesses to honor environmentally conscious customers with the XOEarth Credit program.

For a person to qualify for an XOEarth Credit/ Discount, the XOEarth Award that they remit needs to have that person's name, and the signature of the person who awarded it to them, handwritten on either the front or the back.


Retro - Fast and Slow EarthE Awards [Money]:
EarthE World Awards S
EarthE World Awards F
Vandana Shiva
Apples F / S
NYC Manhattan S / F
Paul Watson + Sea Shepherd + Orca

Retro - Fast EarthE World Money:
Biggish 7 x 3 inch Fast EarthE Awards here. 3 per page.
Medium 6 x 2.5 inch Fast EarthE Awards. 4 per page. PDF.
Little 5 x 2 inch Fast EarthE Awards. 6 per page.
Tiny 4 x 1.7 inch Fast EarthE Awards.

Retro - Slow EarthE Awards:
Biggish 7 x 3 inch Slow EarthE Awards. 3 per page.
Medium 6 x 2.5 inch Slow EarthE Awards. 4 per page. PDF.
Big 8 inch Slow EarthE Awards. 2 per page.
Great big 11 inch Slow EarthE Awards for 8.5 x 14, or 11 x 17 paper. 1 per page.
Smallish 4.75 x 2 inch Slow EarthE Awards.6 per page.

Retro - Experimental EarthE Awards:
Global Warming Map EarthE is used to honor climate change actions.
EarthE Challenges is a call to action eco currency. See the Eco Challenges page for some challenge ideas.
EarthE Peace Awards is a call to action specifically for peace.
The IOU is a promise note- IOU version of a call to eco action.
The XOxo is a pocket pledge to dedicate your own eco action to someone.
The FUTURE is an eco pledge.



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Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs and make art with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our earth and slow down climate change. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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