Baboon Award – Honor Your Peeps with these Rad Ecological Thingies


Give Baboon XOEarth Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their past or pledged environmental actions.

Lovers of our Earth’s biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these commemorative XOEarth Awards to your government officials, friends, businesses, customers, volunteers and employees to thank them for their environmental actions – either past or pledged.

These Baboon XOEarth Awards have been dedicated to:
+ The Baboon
+ – League of Conservation Voters
+ Climate Reality Project
+ Katharine Hayhoe – climate change filmmaker, journalist, environmental activist and climate science speaker
+ Gernot Wagner – Climate Shock author, climate change analyst, economist and speaker
+ James Cameron – film director of Game Changers vegan athletes and Avatar film
+ Tammy Baldwin Senator (D) – 100% pro-environment and public health voting score of 100% for 2017 according to + Naomi Klein – social, environmental and climate change activist, filmmaker, critic of corporate globalization and capitalism


Baboons [Wikipedia]::

Baboons can determine from vocal exchanges what the dominance relations are between individuals. When a confrontation occurs between different families or where a lower-ranking baboon takes the offensive, baboons show more interest in this exchange than those between members of the same family or when a higher-ranking baboon takes the offensive. This is because confrontations between different families or rank challenges can have a wider impact on the whole troop than an internal conflict in a family or a baboon reinforcing its dominance.[12]

Baboons are terrestrial (ground dwelling) and are found in open savannah, open woodland and hills across Africa. Their diets are omnivorous, but mostly herbivorous, yet they eat insects and occasionally prey on fish, trout and salmon if available, shellfish, hares, birds, vervet monkeys, and small antelopes.[8] They are foragers and are active at irregular times throughout the day and night. They can raid human dwellings, and in South Africa, they have been known to prey on sheep and goats.

Baboons in captivity have been known to live up to 45 years, while in the wild their life expectancy is about 30 years.

Baboons are able to acquire orthographic processing skills, which form part of the ability to read.[9]

In the harems of the hamadryas baboons, the males jealously guard their females, to the point of grabbing and biting the females when they wander too far away. Despite this, some males will raid harems for females. Such situations often cause aggressive fights by the males. Visual threats are usually accompanied by these aggressive fights. This would include a quick flashing of the eyelids accompanied by a yawn to show off the teeth. Some males succeed in taking a female from another’s harem, called a “takeover”. In many species, infant baboons are taken by the males as hostages during fights.

A female initiates mating by presenting her swollen rump to the male’s face.[14]

Excerpts via

League of Conservation Voters (LCV)::

In recognition of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV)‘s crucial congressional Senators and Representatives environmental vote analysis that helps voters decide who to vote for at election times, we are honored to dedicate these Baboon XOEarth Awards to the

The League of Conservation Voters is an American environmental advocacy group. LCV says that it “advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, holds elected officials accountable for their votes and actions, and elects pro-environment candidates.” The organization pursues its goals through voter education, voter mobilization, and direct contributions to political candidates. LCV includes 29 state affiliates. LCV was founded in 1969 by environmentalist David Brower. The group’s current president is Gene Karpinski. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has over two million members. Paragraph via Wikipedia at .

Support League of Conservation Voters (LCV) at


Climate Reality Project::

In recognition of their important climate change awareness and actions to slow it down, we are honored to dedicate these Baboon XOEarth Awards to the Climate Reality (CRP).

At Climate Reality, they are saying urgent climate change action a necessity. In politics. In business. In every aspect of our lives. Everywhere.

Urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables. Urgent action to halt the oil industry’s and the Trump-ers’ radical fossil fuel agenda. Urgent action to make world leaders strengthen and honor their Paris Agreement commitments.

Support Climate Reality (CRP) at

For all the life, Stele Ely


XOEarth Award Printing Tips::

To print these awards, first go to your browser’s file menu and then to print preview. Decide which page you want to print. Set the margins to zero. Increase the custom size to between 100% to 107% depending on your browser. Then print.

For more printing tips see

There are two kinds of XOEarth Awards – Fast and Slow. Slow XOEarth Awards have a place to write the name of the person being honored, the eco action they have taken, and the name of the presenter. Fast XOEarth Awards don’t need to be filled out.

To see more XOEarth environmental awards that you can copy and share, or print and give to others for their eco actions, go to



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