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Belly Wave stele c12
you know I got a friend who loves me so
everytime a person does something that helps the water you know
my friend pulls up their shirt
and does the wave belly for them
yea my friend says hey I’ll do the belly wave for you
if conserve water because cuz helps my friend

belly waves for the planet
if you can do it do it darn it
belly waves for the planet
to thank everybody for their eco actions right now

hey hey over there what is something you have done for the planet
my friend’s going to give you belly wave to thank you right away
so it was so sweet from that amazing day
my friend started giving those belly waves away
everybody who did some sweet eco things you know
for the planet and the belly wave

people doing the belly wave here and there
everybody doing the belly wave to show that they care
when people did cool things for the planet you know
they were doing the belly wave

hey for the next four things you do for the planet
here is the belly wave
yeah to thank you for the next four things you do for the planet

practice the belly wave because it’s very eco cool
cuz when your friends are doing things that eco rule
do the belly wave and everybody you know
will have better air and water
it’s a fact it is so
or if you can’t do the belly wave
whatever you know how to do
do something cool to show your eco friends that they rule

Do the Belly Wave to thank your friends and others for all kinds of eco actions that protect our planet’s air, water, land and climate. Stop climate change and global warming with the Belly Wave. Help get the friggen eco Belly Wave revolution started. For all the life, Stele

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Kinda Excerpt from :
The EarthE Honors mission is to manifest a world that honors people and businesses for helping the planet, and stops rewarding those who hurt it.
Explore EarthE to get some cool ways to thank your friends, businesses and customers for protecting our planet.

Ways to do EarthE Honors:
1/ Honor friends and biz for eco actions/choices they take by giving them belly waves, art, words, music, kisses, or other EarthE rewards that you create, get from or elsewhere.
2/ Challenge friends and biz to take eco actions/choices, then honor their successes with belly waves, awards, handshakes, eco money, cheers or other EarthE goodies that you create, get here or beyond. Or, ask them what they would like from you, in return for an eco action. =;-)









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