Boulder City Council 2017 And Muni Endorsements


Hello Earth Warriors,

Eat. Play. Love. Volunteer. Support. Vote.

These are my [Stele Ely] endorsements regarding the Boulder City Council 2017 election and the Muni.

YES on Ballot Measures 2L and 2O (Moving forward with Municipalization) :
This is about how livable our planet will be in 15 years and beyond. It is about slowing down the fast growing climate change monster. XOEarth endorses measure 2L and the continuation of Boulder’s fight for a municipal utility. We must take more control of our climate future through municipalization.

NO on 2P City of Boulder Charter Provision Allowing Executive Sessions for Municipalization

NO Ballot Question 2Q City of Boulder Charter Clean Up (Changing the language in said manner could allow for future city managers the power to kill any proposed initiative by unreasonably drawing out the review timeline)

YES on Ballot Measures 2M and 2N (Community, Culture and Safety Tax Renewal)

[These endorsements are based on my take on the importance and viability of this measure. It is also based on respected endorsements by the Sierra Club, Boulder Weekly and Elephant Journal on this ballot measure.]

YES to these Boulder City City Council candidates:

Sam Weaver is an incumbent seeking re-election. He has also served on the board of multiple clean energy organizations and has been a strong advocate for Boulder energy municipalization for over 7 years. As councilman, Sam supported the acquisition of several new open space properties and adopted some of the most ambitious energy codes in the U.S. for new construction.

Cindy Carlisle is a former Boulder City Council person and is running again; she is also a former CU Regent. She worked to help pass Boulder’s first Pesticide Ordinance and has led the charge on multiple “green” projects at CU. Cindy is a supporter of a voter-approved course to energy municipalization.

John Gerstle is former chairman and board member of the Boulder County Planning Commission, during which time he advocated for additional energy efficiency measures for new and remodeled buildings. John believes that Boulder should undertake utility municipalization to meet its climate goals.

Jill Grano is running for Boulder city council for the first time. She is passionate about Boulder being in control of its energy future through municipalization and has volunteered with New Era on this issue. Jill provides a fresh perspective and clear ideas on Boulder sustainability issues, from clean transportation to open space protection.

Mary Young is an incumbent seeking re-election. She has served on City Council for four years and was Mayor Pro Tem for one of those years. Prior to her election, Mary was chair of the City of Boulder Planning Board. She supports energy municipalization and follows the climate change mantra "It's not about saving the planet, it is about saving ourselves."

[The above endorsements [but not the notes] are based on my take on the positions and strengths of the candidates. They are also based on respected endorsements by the Sierra Club, Boulder Weekly and Elephant Journal. The individual candidate notes come from the Sierra Club.]

For all the life, Stele Ely ~ XOEarth Man

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