Set A Blue Butterfly And A Green Tiger Free


To all lovers of the Earth,

Every time you take an environmental action, take an [invisible] blue butterfly or a little green tiger out of your pocket, and set it free.If it is a blue butterfly, envision it flying off to show you a specific ocean, lake or river somewhere in the world. Envision that butterfly showing you a part of that ocean, lake or river that is more healthy and beautiful because of the environmental action you have taken.

If it is a green tiger, envision it running off to show you a specific forest, wetland or other ecosystem somewhere on our planet. Envision that tiger showing you some place in that forest, wetland or ecosystem being more alive and vibrant because of the ecological action you have taken.

Every single eco action we take extends the health and thrill of our biosphere somewhere for some length of time. Just because we can't measure or don't get to see the impact of an eco logical action we take, does not mean it's not worth doing. But it is worth envisioning the possible benefit an eco action has somewhere on our planet.

When I set one of those butterflies or tigers free, I do it dramatically. Sometimes I'll bend down on one knee and throw my arm and hand towards the sky while calling out , "For The Life!". I love "seeing" those butterflies fly or tigers run away. I imagine their speedy journey to some place on our Earth - far or near - to show me where I am making an ecosystem a better place. I sometimes envision a specific biome, a lifeform(s) or human(s) that lives there and maybe something good that gets to happen there because my eco action helps protect or heal that place.

I prefer to envision the statistically possible effects that my blue butterflies and green tigers (eco actions) might trigger. I admit it, my ego sometimes needed a little stroking to keep taking eco actions in spite of the bad eco news, that's why I started setting the butterflies, tigers and other animals free. But it has become a celebration with stories of possible cause and effect that helps empower this lover of the Earth to keep taking environmental actions.

For the millions of you that have other tools to envision the possible cause and effect of your eco logical actions, please share your methodology with everyone so we all have more ways to energize our peaceful warrior selves. Let's give our friends' and others with eco logical hearts the power to take the actions that will make a sweet difference in the lives of some people and creatures in the future.

Advertisers' ask us to envision ridiculous cause and effect scenarios that will benefit us if we buy their crapola. A lot of people buy stuff based on the advertisers' impossible cause and effect scenarios. But I say, "don't buy it - neither their product or their absurd fantasy!"

For the brave - or for a more balanced approach - reach in your pocket and take out an invisible bone, skull or other dead thing, and throw it into the wind every time you take a negative environmental action - such as buying something you really don't need or using more fossil fuels than necessary. Envision where it goes in the world to take away or kill a little bit of habitat somewhere because of that not so nice environmental action.

Set free your invisible butterflies, tigers, pelicans, zebras, squirrels, elephants and other lifeforms - when you take actions to save our endangered home called Earth.

For all the life, Stele

BlueMorphoButterflyMajaMarkoFlicphoto by Maja & Marko/ flickr






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One thought on “Set A Blue Butterfly And A Green Tiger Free

  • SteleEly Post author

    I could probably laugh at Colbert if he would take half the time to counterpoint himself and then show that he really does support his supposed eco lameness, and will thus take eco actions. That could be more complex and more fun for me. I think a simple fatalistic approach dis empowers people to take eco action. If climate change were not so critical I would totally not mind. But he has power in his position. If various Grist writers and Jon Stewart can empower eco action with comedy, so might Stephen.