ecological quests

mms test vid

Sexy Eyes

Sexy Eyes. Jan 2015 intro chords: Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Am Dm7 I was driving all alone F/G Cmaj7 Am Watching people carpooling with each other Dm7 They were dancing ‘cross the floor They were burning less gasoline F/G Cmaj7 [more]

Garden Feelin Love + Feelin Love by Paula Cole

Songwriters and musicians, co-write and record *Garden Feelin Love* with XOEarth Stele pq. It is a parody of *Garden Feelin Love *by Paula Cole. Fans, sponsor us to record this eco song at G C G Eb [more]

Works: Members

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Jump. Dance. Kiss. For Your Eco Friends.

Flash the XOEarth EHand sign (three fingers representing the E for Earth) to thank eco friends for an eco action they have taken or promise to take. For brave eco friends, give them temporary tattoos of an XO [more]

Challenge : Reward Your Peeps or Biz for Completing Eco Challenge

1/ Ask a friend or biz to take an eco action.
2/ Reward the friend or biz for completing that eco action — using your talent and/or giving them some other reward that you get from here or elsewhere.
3/ Ask the friend or biz if they would prefer something else from you, instead of what you have offered to give them.