ecological quests


GREENMILK= 1// TASTY ECOLOGICAL MOTIVATORS – Innovative conservation ideas not yet rolled out. 2// KIOSK – Stele’s bizarre skicards for sale to support XOEarth. … Aloha ——————————————————————————– SECTION 1// TASTY ECOLOGICAL MOTIVATORS /// PUBLIC {NON-PROFIT} ACCESS TO COMMERCIAL [more]

Bunny Hop

Stella and XOEarth Stele do the Bunny Hop Dance to thank people for taking environmental actions that helps protect the bunnies, the people and the planet. So thanks for choosing Earth friendly ways to Eat, Work, Play and [more]

Just Another 500 Year Flood

Eat, work, play, donate, travel and live ecologically to stop the monster floods that are jacked up on climate change. ~~~~ Via the Huffington Post [HuffPost] As Earth’s climate changes, extreme floods now described as “100-year” and “500-year” [more]

mms test vid

Sexy Eyes

Sexy Eyes. Jan 2015 intro chords: Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Am Dm7 I was driving all alone F/G Cmaj7 Am Watching people carpooling with each other Dm7 They were dancing ‘cross the floor They were burning less gasoline F/G Cmaj7 [more]