Play> *Pant Leg Up* mp3 Pant Leg Up / stele & jeffry c2010 your right calf, it was looking so fine that grease tat made me smile, it’s just like mine pant leg up, pedal pusher style pant leg up, wanna sike (bike/cycle) some miles? showing some love, your earthy […]

Pant Leg Up

Mommy Sandwich by ~PhotograTree~ on Flickr 2
Play> *For All The Life* mp3 *For All The Life* stele c2010 for all the (life) that loves to live, d g a for all the (life) that lives to love d g a I walk, skip, skate and bike, d g a carpool, run, bus, hitchhike d g a […]

For All The Life

Play> *Just Another Earth Day* mp3 Just Another Earthday / stele c12 just another earthday g em seems like only yesterday d c g trees and plankton blow sweet oxygen g d cute bikers and walkers make the air clean em c fish do the finny ballet for all to […]

Just Another EarthDay

Rainbow Garden Phil Greaney Under The Rainbow .jpg
Play> *Under The Rainbow* mp3 A nice demo with Serena Benson too. Under The Rainbow / stele c12 [sponsor this song] right here under the rainbow way down low G Em Bm G7 C Cm G G7 here’s a land we can make as sweet as a `wild rose. /lovers […]

Under The Rainbow

Play> *Greenin Groovy* mp3 stele /Paul Simon Feelin Groovy Bike’n Groovy :stele / paul simon [Sponsor here] Slow down, you drive too fast. We’ve got to make the planet/climate last. C b/d/g D7 G [or] D A Bm7 A Just pedaling down the cobble stones, wheelies for fun and bike’n […]

Greenin Groovy

EarthE Man on Pearl 4
XOEarth Musicians and Performers:: 1] *XOEarth Music, Eco Awards, Show And Videos* with XOEarth Man and Friends Boulder, Colorado, 80305 72O.34O.8O8O emaiI greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com rates from $35+ per show, custom song or custom video A lot of fun whether it’s a live performance or via a custom video – with upbeat […]

XOEarth Shows

Sponsored with $20 from Metisse Perre of Dukes Garage to start writing this song. So now she owns 5% of the copyight of the song. Looking for a co-writer(s) and musician to join me to polish it. Green Wheels /stele 2010 zoomy zoomy green wheels go go yo yo yee, […]

Green Wheels

Listen to Chris Davies talking about EcoTown with me – from the future – wink wink. Play> EcoTown Chris.mp3 excerpts: “Are you interested in seeing a vibrant, healthy, large-scale eco-village / eco-town on the Colorado Front Range? Come on in! We’re building a critical mass of empowered future villagers […]