Hearts And Hands

Play >> Hearts And Hands .mp3 come hearts and hands in cooperation
for life and planet harmonization
for community and family crystalliz-ation
for all creatures’ jubilation come hearts and .hands .in co-oper-ation d g…

Crazy Stretched Faces

Coal Crazy 5

Play*Coal Crazy* mp3 Coal Crazy / stele c10 is that a purple alien smirking
(capo r2 r2=fret2 ) d bm em d
in that jiggling jellow tree
d em g a d


NooPoo Paper 14

Play >> NooPoo Paper .mp3 NooPoo Paper /stele c12 noopoo paper, noopoo paper
newspaper and phonebooks, yes mame, yes sir
you can when you’re are on the can noopoo paper is the thing


Pant Leg Up

Play> *Pant Leg Up* mp3 Pant Leg Up / stele & jeffry c2010 your right calf, it was looking so fine
that grease tat made me smile, it’s just like mine pant leg up,…