Our goal to find 140,000 environmental love songs, media, art, theater and dance productions that inspire ecological actions, help save our sweet but gasping planet Earth from abrupt climate change and other ecological threats. Musicians, artists and fans worldwide are invited to help us win this game for all the life that loves to live.

Fans can help by sponsoring us to write an environmental song about an issue of their choice or sponsor a song, art or other media we are working on. If you sponsor one of Stele's (my) songs, you will get a copyright co-ownership certificate in your or a friend's name.

Songwriters are invited to add their songs to the Open Mic or any other post.

140,000 was chosen as it is the approximate number of endangered species.

For all the life, Stele Ely.
72O. 34O. 8O8O

Biosphera :: Dance 4 the Species


The Biosphera ~ Dance 4 the Species is a contemplative journey into the hearts and minds of other species to celebrate and honor our connection with those species, and to see our lives and life choices from another life-form’s perspective.

The Biosphera ~ Dance 4 the Species is also an exploration of how we   [more]

Share Your Artform, Media, Dance or Words


Lovers of the Earth, XOEarth is asking everyone who loves our planet to share their artform, media, poem, story, art, dance, theater or video that encourages people to take a specific environmental action for the planet.

If you would like help along the way, such as feedback, co-writing, and even production, call on the   [more]

Galaxy Girl

Here’s Chris Macor’s take on the galaxy that becomes each of us.

[To play MP3 click on title.]Play> *Galaxy Girl by Chris Macor* mp3

GALAXY GIRL by Chris Macor

You`ve got it all inside (chorus) A galaxy within What you feel is carried by the wind Honor it as if a string   [more]