a song idea and invite to friend to help write, edit, review, record and/or produce the song

Biosphera :: Dance 4 the Species

The Biosphera ~ Dance 4 the Species is a contemplative journey into the hearts and minds of other species to celebrate and honor our connection with those species, and to see our lives and life choices from another [more]


Share Your Artform, Media, Dance or Words

Get a chance to win a hand-painted XOEarth cape and over $400 if you create an eco artform, media, poem, story, art, dance, theater or video that encourages people to take a specific environmental action for our planet’s [more]

Galaxy Girl

Here’s Chris Macor’s take on the galaxy that becomes each of us. Play> *Galaxy Girl by Chris Macor* mp3 GALAXY GIRL by Chris Macor You`ve got it all inside (chorus) A galaxy within What you feel is carried [more]