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environmental songs, music, poetry, art & dance for planet earth environmental songs, music, poetry, art & dance for planet earth environmental songs, music, poetry, art & dance for planet earth environmental songs, music, poetry, art & dance for planet earth

Shirt Bag

  Play >> Shirt Bag .mp3 pull out your shirt let your belly button brag eco warriors you can flirt when you have your shirt bag when you shop for things and food and you forget your reusable [more]


Fridge Blankie

We need a song about putting blankets or other materials around an old or new fridges to insulate it and make it green. We have put plain fleece blankets around our refrigerator and it really helps. We used [more]

Roll Your Own, Save Your Home

Roll Your Own, Save Your Home I have recorded a primitive improv version but not written this tune down yet. Rolling your own cigarettes instead of buying boxed and filtered cigarettes is the message. Contact me if you [more]


Be Gentle And Kind

In dwelling, be close to the land. In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true. In ruling, be just. In business, be competent. In action, watch the [more]


Little Love Letters

a little veggie garden for food i do and a little fixing things to make them last too a lot less driving of a car i do and a little work with team earth too all so another [more]

Zebra Lionfish flickr.com/photos/rling  (Dendrochirus zebra) Fly Point, Port Stephens, NSW

The Lionfish Roars

Does the Lionfish needs its own song? Maybe *The Lionfish Roars*, a tune about a lionfish calling out loud and clear for us to save its home so it can have its little invasive species family. It is [more]


See You Soon

Here are some Altland and Ely family pictures – put together by Robin and Steve “aka Earth Man Stele. This page is dedicated to Bud, Ruby and others who have passed on and changed form. The *See You [more]



Team XOEarth needs more cheerleaders and cheers — and a song for each. The XOEarth Cheer concept is to cheer on — or make a toast to — our green friends or customers when they take cool eco [more]

No Earth

No Earth

  Play >> No Earth .mp3. No Earth /stele c12 Or how about Earth and Bones? Post links to your pictures of things that you have drawn the *No Earth* or *Earth And Bones* symbol in the comments [more]


Mower Goats

Use goats to help control and eat plants that are invasive species. Less pesticides and gas powered weed whackers. ~~~~~~ BRUSH CONTROL USING GOATS Gary Pfalzbot http://www.goatworld.com/articles/brushcontrol/brushcontrol.shtml I feel that there is a common misnomer with alot of [more]