To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover

To Bee 10

Play >> To Bee .mp3 To Bee / stele c10 (thanks Angela) honey conjured for their babies E F#m Abm F#m
pollen fetched for the queen E F#m Abm F#m
rousing flowers with their…

Crazy Stretched Faces

Coal Crazy 5

Play*Coal Crazy* mp3 Coal Crazy / stele c10 is that a purple alien smirking
(capo r2 r2=fret2 ) d bm em d
in that jiggling jellow tree
d em g a d

by Leonard John Matthews : bottle on a lily pad : on a lily pad in Humpybong Creek, Redcliffe, a discarded bottle spoils the scene.

Homie Water 1

Homie Water / stele c12
vocals: Serena Benson &stele
bass: Ethan Gormicans soggy clouds please squeeze up there
come into our water faucets if you care
share your droplets pure and free
homie waters…


For My Eyes

Play> *For My Eyes* mp3 For My Eyes / stele ely c2010 for my eyes, so I may adore
the golden sun, above me soar
its light as sparks, atop dancing waves
then shining…