Team XOEarth needs more cheerleaders and cheers — and a song for each.

The XOEarth Cheer concept is to cheer on — or make a toast to — our green friends or customers when they take cool eco actions. These cheers can be done in front of thousands of people, or just one to one.

For example, to cheer on or be a cheerleader for a bunch of people, lead an audience or group in a cheer for an eco person who has just made a speech, after seeing a good green movie, at an eco meeting or other ecological events.

For another example, cheer on a friend or a customer by *ringing the bell* when they do something eco cool. Businesses can have a little bell, a chime, a drinking glass and spoon, a cow bell or something else for the checkout clerk to *ring* when a customer shows they have taken an eco action. The bell should have a nice sound. Customer eco actions might include bringing their own bag, bringing reusable containers, biking to the store or donating to a eco charity box at the checkstand.

Here’s an XOEarth cheerleader idea. Even if you were not on the schedule at a meeting or event that mentions or is about an eco success story or eco successful individual — if it feels right — stand up, or jump up and down, or stand up on your chair, or even go up in front on the stage and cheer the crowd on. For a bigger challenge lead the crowd in a specific cheer — or in a sing along Pete Seeger style.

If you want to, use a couple handkerchiefs as pom poms, or just use a couple pieces of string or ribbon. Do bring your pom poms if you want to really get into classic cheerleader style.

So calmly or energetically get up on that stage in front of the crowd or audience and help make it an ecos gone wild day for our mother Earth.

I have found that when I stand up and cheer on the crowd, some of the crowd seems reluctant. However, I have talked to some of those folks that seemed reluctant and have found that they liked cheering for an eco success story and our planet. I think that a lot of green folks really want to let loose and cheer more — but peer pressure keeps them from whooping it up.

Also, even though some of the audience members may appear a bit annoyed as they are clapping or cheering, they are actually happy that you are getting them and others to stand up and support the eco actions or eco issue that you are cheering about. Some of these same “calm clappers” have told me that they wish more people would have stood up and cheered.

Thousands of people jam the stadiums so they can yell out loud for the big victories — or small advances — their team makes against the other team.

It’s time for us on Team XOEarth to holler and cheer and boo too — while having a good time supporting our side. Not only is it super fun and good for moral, it’s a great way to recruit other Team XOEarth players cuz we gotta show em the eco game is a fun game too.

Team XOEarth needs its fans and cheerleaders to be heard — and it may be cheer now or cheer never.

My first cheer notes:
rah ree rah ree, earth team is goin deep,
rah cobs rah cobs, nose jobs for pollution slobs
rah rox rah rox, knock socks off cancer tox
rah reen rah reen, mean green so da’ scene
rah rax rah rax, back cracks for mercury wacks
rah roo rah roo, we will eschew da CO2

My second cheer notes:
I’m calling for all beings of the future
I’m calling for all life that loves to live
I’m calling for all children not yet born
I’m calling for all lovers yet to kiss …..
I’m calling on all people to share the earth
I’m calling on all hearts to speak the truth
I’m calling on all minds to buy less stuff
I’m calling on all hands to donate time


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