A Climate Change Monster Will [Not] Mess Up Your Town Next Month [Thanks To You]


Every month there will be a Climate Change Monster that wants to make a mess of your town. And one of those Climate Change Monsters could totally un-fun your life for a long time if it has its way.

Your mission every week, if you decide to accept it, is to power up your environmental actions to help stop the Climate Change Monster that is aiming to beat up your town in the coming month. [HERO 400]

A Climate Change Monster may come in the form a Wildfire, Flood, Heatwave, Hurricane, Polar Vortex or some other Climate Monster.

Then, every month, if your environmental actions have succeeded in helping keep that Climate Change Monster from wreaking havoc where you live, take some time to celebrate!

If you have friends or neighbors that are helping keep the monthly Climate Change Monster away, invite them to celebrate with you.

Plus, every month, celebrate even more if your eco actions helped protect your whole state [or even your whole country] from the destruction and pain of a Climate Change Monster!!

So become an XOEarth HERO 400 and an EcoLogical Consumer to fight and stop those Climate Change Monsters that are fastly becoming the mortal enemies of our biosphere.

United Nations says a Climate Disaster Every Week

On average, every week a new climate crisis or disaster happens somewhere in the world, according to the United Nations.

The consumer and activist actions each of us take helps determine how many climate change crises or disasters [aka Climate Change Monsters / CCMs] happen every year.

By taking major climate action now you will be helping the number and intensity of the around the world to NOT double in 2 to 4 years. That's a guesstimate by Stele Ely [that's me] that is based on scientific reports and climate projections that are cited on the Guesstimate page.

So by taking responsibility for your Climate Change Monsters where you live, you are also helping reduce the number of other Climate Change Monsters around the world too!

By the way, a lot of people - including myself - that hate charred, smoldering, broken or drowned peeps, trees, houses and bees have promised to help defend their towns and our biosphere too. Their commitments will help protect your town too.

For more fun, Stele

Do You Fight, Kiss or Parent Your Climate Change Monsters?

Are any of the following true for you?::
[If so tell us in a comment below or on our XOEarth facebook group.]

1] You see your Climate Change Monsters as your kids. Because, after all, you know that your past consumer purchases have probably helped make some of these Climate Change Monsters possible. So you are trying to help your 'Climate Change Monsters kids' find their happy side by taking all those Environmental Actions everyday that do not feed their bratty side.

2] You are activating your super eco hero self to fight those two Climate Change Monsters as your villain or enemy. That's why you have activated on your super hero self to be an ecological citizen, focused activist and wary consumer that is committed to powerful Environmental Actions.

3] You see these Climate Change Monsters as mean and angry creatures that just need a friend and some fairness to calm them down and tame them. You are doing that by taking Environmental Actions everyday to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and throwaway plastics they get to eat, and that encourages them to be way-more-peaceful.

4] You think of one [or more] of these Climate Change Monsters as the dark side of a close friend who might otherwise be a nice person, but has been enraged by unkind and unfair treatment in the past. This friend is in need of some Environmental Actions and eco quality time to help them find their compassionate and loving self.

Whatever is most true for you, thanks for your commitment to your daily Environmental Actions that are helping slow down these CCMs. Thanks for helping team earth turn them into "an interesting weather system", that is "rather fun in fact".

Short list of our fave Environmental Actions

In case you're wondering, here's our short list of fave Environmental Actions ::
+ Burning as little gasoline and jetfuel as possible.
+ Eating as sustainably and meat free as possible.
+ Donating and volunteering with climate change fighting organizations.
+ Contributing and canvassing for climate action candidates. Vote.
+ Making your job and industry as eco logical as possible [or quitting a job if it hurts the earth].
+ Doing protests with an occupy, block, march, sit-in or shut-down.
+ Buying and accepting as little plastic as possible - mostly made from fracking gas and oil.
+ Buying carbon offsets.

Get more actions at XOEarth HERO and EcoLogical Consumer to fight and stop those CCMs that are becoming the mortal enemies of our biosphere.

If a Climate Change Monster has Already Attacked Your Town

Has a Climate Change Monster attacked your town in the last 5 or 10 years? If so, I hope you did not lose anything in the attack. If you did, I'm sorry for your loss or losses.

If a Climate Change Monster has Not Attacked Your Town Recently

If a Climate Change Monster has not hit your town recently, yeee haaa! Glad to hear it. Celebrate that fact for a moment. If you have been taking Environmental Actions in your life, celebrate that you have helped keep those Climate Change Monsters away.

If you happen to be one of those people that is not taking Environmental Actions, if you start now, you can help keep those troublemakers from trashing your town too.

In the last few years in the town where I live in Colorado and close to it, we have had wildfires and floods kill people, destroy a lot of homes, wipe out thousands of trees and kill a lot of wild animals. And a few hundred miles from town in almost every direction from here, there have been CCMs that have destroyed whole communities or even entire towns.

Even if you have NOT had a CCMs hit your town recently, there have probably been Climate Change Monsters that have been bad news for towns not far from where you live too.

Turn a Huge Climate Change Monster into a Little Climate Change Monster

On the global scale, here's a way to stay strong when you see a report about a Climate Change Monster that has caused major destruction somewhere in world. When you see that sad report, look along the edges of the disaster where a precious sliver of nature, or someone's house or some person has survived.

Even though a climate sisater report is sad, realize that your environmental climate actions may have been just what it took to help save that a little part of nature, or someone's house or some person's life. In other words, your climate actions may have been the thing to make that Climate Change Monster a little smaller.

Occasionally, one person's climate actions over the year or their whole life may have been just what it took to keep a Climate Change Monster from being born at all. Yesss, you could be one of those super peeps this year. So every now and then, take time to smile big about that.

What is the Name of your Climate Change Monster?

I like giving a nickname to some of the future Climate Change Monsters that are aiming to destroy different towns and places around the world. For instance, Hotron is the name I have for the Climate Change Monster that is eyeing to burn down trees and houses near Boulder Colorado. For me, giving the name Hotron to that Climate Change Monster helps me focus and power-up my environmental climate actions even more. Plus, I tell others that nickname to help cheer on their environmental climate action too.

A Little Wild Weather is Wonderful

Anyway, let's teach those Climate Change Monsters a lesson on how to be "just be some wild weather" instead of becoming a Mega Wildfire, Flood, Heatwave or Hurricane that could turn our towns into a bummer zones.


PS: I, Stele Ely, promise to take responsibility for the Climate Change Monsters in my town and the world too. So I promise to be an EcoLogical Consumer and an XOEarth HERO to help keep them from becoming the full blown Climate Change Monsters too.











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