Creepy Plastic


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Creepy Plastic /stele c12
Song sketch:
creepy plastic, doesn’t grow on trees
creepy plastic, don’t use what you do not need
creepy plastic, when there is glass to use
creepy plastic, listen to the emus
the emus down in Australia and the kangaroos
are saying don’t use
creepy plastic, its ecological abuse
it’s making the world hotter, and uglier everyday
creepy plastic, no way, no way
creepy plastic, it’s so creepy it’s gross
so gross my friend you know
clogging up the biosphere,
can’t you hear, the creatures say
creepy plastic, it’s the creepiest
creepy plastic, anti fantastic, amen
ask anyone scholastic what’s going to happen in the future
they’ll say hey, no, no way we don’t need so much plastic,
ask a turtle in the sea, ask a shark and he will tell you
he want’s to swim free in a sea without creepy plastic,
creepy plastic, worse than holloween and all those horror movies you have seen
it’s the real thing it’s killing so many things oh,
creepy plastic, have a heart bring your reusable things,
don’t get those throw away things
it’s creeping everybody out, and they are not just looking sad
and they are not just feeling bad
their going down, dead dead
creepy plastic,

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