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140,000 Love Songs for Planet Earth ::
Listen to these rad and sweet environmental songs to power up your eco life, eco sexy, eco career and eco actions - while you laugh and dance and cry a bit too.

[One of XOEarth's ultimate goals is to get 140,000 awesome environmental songs on the charts. Join us if you are a musician, artist or fan that wants to help save this exquisite and fun planet!]

A few of our fave XOEarth Environmental Songs ::
Peoples Climate March
Wolverine Dreams
Fracking Gasholes
We Have To Stop The Fire
It’s Too Hot
Kiss Your Gas Goodbye
To Bee
NooPoo Paper
Hearts And Hands
Super Reduce Reuse Repair Recyclelidocious
Love On The Clothesline
Passion Tree
Bury Me Naked
It’s Too Darn Hot
BirthDay EarthDay
Set The Water People Free
Belly Wave
Cooking With The Sun
Rinse It Out
Greenin Groovy
Belly Wave
We Will Love Again
Walk The Talk
Pant Leg Up
5 Cigarettes
The Earth Is Our Mother
Green For The World
Snake On The Road
Seeds In My Pocket
Green Freedom

More XOEarth Environmental Songs ::
XOEarth.org's home page. [ Our latest songs often show up there.]
Improv Street Songs [ Rowdy, first-take songs from Pearl and beyond.]
"Category" Environmental Songs [ A brave foray into a mix of our hits, our latest risky or rude environmental song ideas and as yet unrecorded songs.
XOEarth Environmental Songs [ Bookmark and comeback to this very page, cuz we will be adding our new environmental songs right here.]
XOEarth songs on Facebook [ Our Facebook page has some environmental songs and lyrics that we don't have on XOEarth.org.]
XOEarth songs on Twitter [ Our Twitter feed has even more environmental song ideas too.]

Some of our upcoming songs ::
Climate Killer + Psycho Killer by David Byrne
Sprocket Mom + Rocket Man by Elton John
Sexual Vegan + Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Garden Feelin Love + Feelin Love by Paula Cole
Try Vegan Please, Purty Please
Eat Smarty Beans, Not Farty Beans

Our Environmental Songbook ::
Download our XOEarth Songbook.

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Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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