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To hear our latest rad Environmental Songs go to XOEarth.org — our home page.

For Fans :: Sponsor us to write a song about an eco issue you are concerned about. You will own part of the copyright if you sponsor us to write a new song for you based on your input. Or, you can own part of the copyright of almost any other environmental song that you find here at XOEarth.org, if you sponsor us to fine-tune, professionally arrange and record it.

So sponsor us via paypal. Then post a comment below or contact Stele Ely via xoearth(et)yahoo(dat)com or 72O.34O.8O8O about the song you want us to work on.

If we write a new song for you, we will post it on the blog once we have done some work on it. We will then send an email to you so you can see how it’s going. You can comment on the song and suggest changes to the song via the blog. Feel free to give us feedback as the song develops, or just sit back and watch us write and record your song.

EarthE Man on Pearl

For Musicians :: Write and record an environmental song on your own, or co-write with us, or cover a XOEarth song. Post a link to your song in a comment below.

Musicians who post their eco song on our XOEarth Facebook page, or in a comment below, will get a chance to win $4K in our monthy EcoLotto drawing. More about our the cash and other prizes you can win is on the Ecolotto post.

Or, post some lyrics or a song concept you would like us to co-write with you.

For Artists :: Create videos and graphics for XOEarth songs. Win up to $4K.

For Businesses :: Invest in an environmental song and video about your business’s eco projects, initiatives, or for employee awards.

To reward the eco actions of your staff with custom XOEarth Songs, send us the details of an employee’s environmental achievement to guide our songwriting of a classy tune to honor the employee’s work.
Plus, that song will keep working for the planet long after the award has been given to the recipient – via ReverbNation, YouTube, XOEarth.org and other relevant media outlets that we like.

Plus, we will can even send you a customized EarthE Awards for you to present to the recipient – if you request it. It is from our sister project – EarthE Honors.


Co-writers who help Stele finish a song may share the copyright with me and may be entered in EcoLotto for a chance to win $4,444.

The XOEarth mission is to get 140,000 Love Songs for the Planet written, recorded and on the charts. That’s one hit environmental song for every endangered species to help save them from extinction. (140,000 endangered species may go extinct this year.)

To get *140,000 Love Songs for the Planet* on top of the music charts, we will need thousands of talented musicians and fans to work together worldwide. So let’s get rolling on our environmental songs today.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele ~ XOEarth Man

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