For My Eyes


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For My Eyes / stele ely c2010

for my eyes, so I may adore
the golden sun, above me soar
its light as sparks, atop dancing waves
then shining on the perfect form, of a friend so

recycle keer, keer, cheeeawk, tongue rattle(r), yeah, yippee, boya,

for my tongue, so I may savor
nectors sweetly wild, spices born in sacred space
palette of nature’s green, glistening dew on fruit
seed, egg, nut, cream, and raw, ruddy root

reduce flutter, flutter, tic, tic, bird-whistle, byzz, byyyyza, for my ears, soI may revere
in turquoise canyon echoes, songs of joy and fears
and warblers, whispers, sleepy stories as I roam
pulses of one heart to mine, beckoning me home

reuse rhoooro, (whale) eeeeya, (squeaky) dolphin, fishie, niiiiice, blub, blub,

for my skin, so I may blush
in the wisdom of ancient rock, in the passion touch
storms, rivers, friend, foe, kindred spirit in the leaf
tiny hairs that tickle, optimistic bug and coral reef

restore kawisk, kweesh, yesss, uhuh, yes, creek, creek,


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Thanks to Bredgur via flickr for this photo.

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