Galaxy Girl


GALAXY GIRL by Chris Macor

You`ve got it all inside (chorus)
A galaxy within
What you feel is carried by the wind
Honor it as if a string of pearls
The universe is within you
My Galaxy girl

First a quark and then an atom
A molecule and cells
Forming an organ
Organizing very well indeed
Make bodies that join in community
Communities comprise humanity
The planets, solar system, galaxy
If you`re overwhelmed you`re right where you should be
The progression continues straight into infinity

We want to run away from the things that we feel inside
Sometimes it`s hard to face the truth
Just look at it and it goes poof!
TingZen 2011

Steward of a Galaxy /se

It’s possible to make life sweeter and more fun for thousands or even billions of others just by being kind to yourself and the planet.

The enjoyment of being alive is experienced by all lifeforms on some level — large or small. Life did not start having fun once it evolved into a human, or some other specie with a conscious brain, or even a central nervous system. I believe that thrill, fun, love and art that is born from environmental variation is enjoyed at some level by all lifeforms.

There were some days as a young whipper snapper when I actually only felt whipped. One of the ways I would get though the days when I felt like a failure was to see myself as the steward of a galaxy of lifeforms. I think that the brain’s conscious mind is not the only self aware and life appreciating facet of my body. The myriad of individual cells and microbes that make up and inhabit my body also like to have a groovy time.

I was talking to Chris Macor about the honor of being a steward of a galaxy of billions of life-loving, conscious beings that come together to make up our body. And further, how we are the stewards of even more billions of life-loving, conscious beings that live on our planet.

So my friend Chris wrote and recorded this version of Galaxy Girl. I made a few tiny lyric suggestions. Chris and I just MIGHT be changing the lyrics to include a more direct eco appeal, not sure yet.

Other original and rewrite versions of the Galaxy Girl and/or Galaxy Guy eco tune concept are very welcome.

For the life, Stele Ely

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