Green Street Cred

We need a song and art about giving *green street cred* to team earth.

As art, here is a way to create some green street cred as *EarthE Man* or *EarthE Woman* – everyday and for Halloween. Be an EarthE Man or EarthE Woman with your eco music, green science and environmental awards that you give to others. It is upbeat and rad to help the planet.

As the Lorax spoke for the trees, EarthE Woman and Man speaks for the animals of land, air and sea, and for the children of the future.

As EarthE Woman or EarthE Man, you can take others on future journeys to hear from and speak with critters and kids of the future. Ecological songs, sing alongs, amazing science, magic words, green awards, mind melds, eco autographs, enviro fashion and EarthE money are explored in the eco future journeys you take your friends on.

More pics of EarthE Man at:

Sponsor a song with $1 – or more – so we can fine tune and record it so it will sound really nice. Then we’ll get it out there even more so it can help the people and the critters. Own part of the copyright and get your name on the by line. More info below.

Please pass this song around to friends and favorite musicians.

Musicians:: Arrange, record and remix a better version of this song. I may be able to share the copyright for your work.
Perform this song at your gigs to help our planet.
Fans:: Sponsor this song and get partial copyright — $44 can get you a copyright certificate showing your percentage of the copyright (the percentage varies depending on the song). By the way, $44 pays for a day of Stele’s life expenses including rent, food, guitar strings and other vitals). Plus, I will keep improving the song.
Artists:: Help us do a video for YouTube or do other multimedia goodies for the song.
Students:: Intern with Stele and help get this and other songs on the charts.

EarthEWeen Halloween – A *Team Planet Earth* costume to give street cred to ecological and environmental actions from Stele Ely on Vimeo.

It's Green Lady and EarthE Man from the GreenBeanz Environmental Band

EarthE Man on Pearl


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