GreenBeanz :: EarthE Man and Eco Lady

Eco Lady (Laurie Dameron) and XOEarth Man (Stele Ely) sing out for the planet — in their fun little band called the GreenBeanz.

The Greenbeanz band performs for green weddings, school events, children’s parties and business parties. XOEarth Man and Eco Lady get everybody smiling, dancing and even singing along to their *Love Songs for the Planet* and other upbeat eco tunes.

In most shows, the audience is invited to suggest ideas that will be incorporated into several songs.

In some shows, the GreenBeanz improvise environmental songs for the audience members based on environmental concerns the audience has, or based on an eco action they have taken. The group gets the chance to guide the eco song’s lyrics, and singalong as it evolves into a ballad for the planet.

If requested, the GreenBeanz band will sing songs as part of a *Green Award* ceremony to thank all of or specific adults and children in the audience for eco actions they have taken — as designated by event organizers.

Songs played may include:
Changing Mother Nature /ld
On The Clothesline
Under The Rainbow
The Earth Is Our Mother
Bike’n Groovy / Eat’n Groovy
Walk The Talk
To Bee
Wolverine Dreams
My World
350 parts per million
For All The Life
I Believe /ld
Evergreen Everblue /raffi
Turn This World Around /raffi
Baby Beluga /raffi
Bring Your Canvas Bags

Time permitting, after the show, XOEarth Man makes cool, free bracelets for those who say what actions they take for the planet and to show they are on Team Earth.

So call on the GreenBeanz band today to sing some cool ecological songs at your get together, kid’s party or business event.

For all the life, Stele Ely & Laurie Dameron

ps: You can also see the Greenbeanz performing at the Boulder’s Farmer’s Market stage and on Pearl Street mall.

Stele Ely
3454 Stanford Ave.
Boulder, Co 80305-535O

Laurie Dameron
Windchime Productions
PO 475 Niwot, CO 80544

Eco Lady and XOEarth Man from the GreenBeanz environmental band

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