Carbon Offset : How To Foil Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Fun ways to Carbon Offset your greenhouse gases to help keep the Earth's climate from going zombie crazy:

XOEarth GreenBeanz : A smart way to support your favorite environmental organizations that are working hard to offset the greenhouse gases that you make when you use gasoline, electricity, jetfuel or other fossil fuel based products.

Please only offset a percentage - not 100% - of your greenhouse gases when you make a donation to your favorite organization! This is important! We tell you why in Off Gas below.

XOEarth Ecobay : The sweet way to sell your used goods or materials to people on Craigslist, Ebay and elsewhere AND help stop climate change too.

XOEarth FreeEco : Fun-nest way to give away your used goods or materials [freecycle] to people who want them AND help stop climate change too.

XOEarth GreenBeanz Biz : Your business can use GreenBeanz to support your favorite environmental organizations AND benefit the business's bottom line.

6] Play XOEarth Carbon Offset Games to offset the your and your friends carbon footprint.


Here's how - and then why - to support one of your favorite environmental organizations in order to slow down the climate change monster. Businesses can check out the GreenBeanz Biz wwwwwwwwwwwwwww section for the nitty gritty.

1] First, use one of these organizations to calculate your carbon offset.

2] Then, either buy your carbon offsets from one of the above organizations to pay for their hands-on greenhouse gas reduction projects, or donate some pecentage of that amount to your favorite environmental organizations that are working hard to slow down climate change too.

Here are some of our favorite climate change organizations that we hope you will consider:
Climate Reality Project

For more international climate change warriors check out the
For more United States/ USA climate change warriors check out the 3] Next, enjoy a healthier and funner planet, thanks to your carbon offset!
~~~~ ~~~~

Here's WHY to carbon offset with one of your favorite environmental organizations, and, WHY to donate only a percentage of the suggested carbon offset amount.

to your favorite Alot of people think that Carbon Offsetting by an individual means that must they have to make a donate to organizations that work on specific carbon offsetting projects nly be To some people Carbon Offsetting sometimes Here's how to keep the Earth's climate from going a little more crazy when you use gasoline, natural gas, coal or plastics that add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere:: Contribute to environmental organizations that will work hard to offset those greenhouse gases.

* If you don't want to pay the full amount recommended for your carbon offset, that's OK. Put in what you can. Every kilogram of your carbon footprint that you offset makes our planet more livable!

Tell friends and others what percentage of your greenhouse gases that you carbon offset. Then encourage and honor them for carbon offsetting too!

Right now, you probably have a favorite environmental organization that is currently working hard to slow down climate change.

By the way, the carbon offset organizations in the first group do hands-on projects to directly offset greenhouse gases. The organizations in the second group may use conservation projects, legislative means, incentive programs, legal protection, education initiatives and hands-on projects that reduce greenhouse gases to slow down climate change. is listed here because we work to get thousands of adults and students to take direct action in their lives to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they create by living more sustainably. We do this via our pledges, educational programs and environmental shows.


If you are selling things, offer a special GreenBeanz Sell price that a buyer can donate to one of your favorite enviro groups to get the thing you are selling for Free or for a discount.

They can get a tax deduction and you get to help the planet.

Of course, feel free to offer a regular price as well. You may make the regular price lower (or higher) if your prefer.

When the buyer is with you to make the purchase, go online, watch them make donation the donation with their credit card online, to verify they make the payment.

If you want to be sure that a person does not make a donation and reverse the charges shortly thereafter, list the item on EBay and use EBay Giving Works. The buyer can then pay for the item when you give them the thing you are selling. However, your favorite organizations must be on EBay's Giving Works approved list. And yessss!!! EBay will refund the selling fees if the money is donated to one of these pre-approved organizations,

Another quick way to make sure that a person does not make a donation and reverse the charges shortly thereafter, watch them make a contribution via their own EBay account via the Giving Works.


Offer to give your stuff away to peeps that take an eco action that helps stop climate change.

Here's how to do it:
1] List your give away items on Craigslist, some other online bulletin board or elsewhere online.
2] Invite peeps to post the eco action they take to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other online location. Ask them to then send you a link to that post. Tell them you will put your favorite eco action entries that you receive into a hat, to be chosen randomly, or mention some other random method. Mention that the person who gets the item may not necessarily be the one that takes the most effective climate eco action.
3] Put the names of those people and their fave eco actions entries into a hat or in a list. Pick a name out of the hat, or use a random number generator select one of them on a the list, or use the random method you have decided on.
4] Then contact that person to give them your item.
[ Important! Only contact that person if, AND ONLY IF, you decide that the person making the post is safe to contact. It may NOT be safe to contact the other people via a direct email message, phone or an online eco card.]
4] Thank the person for their eco action and then give them the item.
5] Once the item has been given to one of the eco peeps, update the Craigslist listing or other listing with a big thank note and a nature picture to reward the rest of the peeps for their actions too.
[ Important! Only contact any of those people if, AND ONLY IF, you decide that the person making the post is safe to contact.]

  GreenBeanz Biz.

The GreenBeanz in-store carbon offset is a way for a business and its customers offset the carbon footprint of a product. Businesses may also choose to match and offset a percentage of the customers' offset as well.

Here's how the GreenBeanz in-store carbon offset works. When a customer is paying for a purchase at a store, they may see a sign and/or will be asked by the clerk if they would like to add GreenBeanz to their purchase.

If the customer asks what GreenBeanz is about, the clerk can say, "for an additional 5% (or another relevant %) you can offset the carbon footprint for this purchase/product."

The clerk may say, "The money we collect for GreenBeanz will be sent to [the or other non-profit org] who will make sure your GreenBeanz donation is invested in wind, solar and other renewable projects that help reduce the net CO2 emissions of this purchase."

If the business is matching a percentage of that offset, the clerk might also say, "Plus, for every dollar our customers contribute to offset the carbon footprint of their purchase, we will add 25¢.

Eco citizens can help make the GreenBeanz in-store carbon offset happen by asking businesses, "Please offer a carbon offset when we buy your products to help stop climate change and global warming".

The GreenBeanz offsets collected from customer by a business will be forwarded to the, or some other renewable energy offset organization. Customers will get to decide whether or not to purchase the offset.

Businesses are also invited to match each of the customer's offsets with their own GreenBeanz offset contribution -- either in full or a portion of.

To help a business get started::
Estimate how much it takes to offset the carbon footprints for the average product or department in a store. Check out for help and resources.

Set up a Green Beanz offset button or a code on the cash registers so that the business will be able to track and send in the appropriate amount of offsets contributed by the customers'.

Print GreenBeanz signs and put them in the store's window and at the cash register.

Each month, the business can post a notice stating how much their store has been collected and sent to the in the previous month. (A little chalkboard to post the amount looks good.)

It's also great if the store offers to match a customer's offset to some degree. A 100% matching contribution would be superb.

Hopefully will be able to post how much the stores have contributed month by month to allow tracking of contributions.

Most of the *Participating Businesses* will have the GreenBeanz sign posted in their store window and/or be listed in the *Participating Businesses Directory*.
If you run an eco conscious business, please join us. The GreenBeanz carbon offset is an eco conscious marketing program that is good for the planet and for biz.

Plus, here are two GreenBeanz sister projects that businesses are welcomed to join as well:

The XOEarth Credit/ discount is a superb program that businesses can add alongside their GreenBeans program. The XOEarth Credit offers a discount to eco customers who bring in a *Love letter to the Earth* that they have written describing an eco action(s) they have taken in the last week, or XOEarth money. *Participating businesses* will be listed here.

Businesses are also invited to take the XO Earth Biz Pledge to show they are willing to give back 1% to the planet via their biz. Feel free to print it, sign it, post it in your business's windows, in advertising and around your store.

All businesses are asked to offer customers the GreenBeanz offset by 2016.


Envision... hundreds of businesses offering a carbon offset option to their customers, and matching part or all of the customers' contributions to show their commitment to help protect our exquisite planet.

Envision... millions of people choosing to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases to show their love for this superb planet and to show they want to do their share to protect it.

Envision... billions of people taking more eco actions once they feel the good vibe of helping the planet by offsetting their carbon footprint with a bunch of cool ways -- and thus helping create a truly "ecological society".

Help manifest this vision to protect our planet's future -- help start GreenBeanz at businesses in your area -- go Team Earth.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely


XOEarth Carbon Offset programs are a good way for students, teachers, businesses and parents to work together to stop global warming, to promote school spirit, to support peace, and raise money for environmental clubs.

Art, photography and media students are invited to design and post new XOECO designs, stories and video links to XOEarth Facebook. Cool ideas will be added here too.

Contact us for club and school materials, or to have us come talk to your group about XOEarth and global warming.


Play the XOEarth carbon offset games with your friends to offset the carbon footprint of your and your friends' purchases and other stuff that makes CO2.

#1 XOEarth game #1 is a real life carbon offset game. It's all about getting your friends to start taking eco actions that will offset part of your carbon footprint.

For example, let's say you buy a new jacket (an eco fleece shell) that has a carbon footprint of 30 kilograms (66 pounds). If you get a friend to bike to work for 100 miles (based on 35 mpg), or, carpool an extra 300 miles, or, get them to bring their reusable coffee mug instead of using 5 paper cups -- then you get to claim the carbon offset towards the purchase of your jacket. To estimate the equivalents for this offset game check out

Then, if your friend continues biking, carpooling or using their mug, their future carbon offsets (or reducing) are applied to the carbon offset in their own life. In other words, because you helped get someone started in reducing their carbon footprint, the first carbon offset actions they take are applied to your own purchases or other CO2 producing choices. After a few times of taking that offset action, they get the credit applied towards their own carbon footprint if they keep taking those actions.

#2 Green Beanz game #2 is played to offset part of a friend's carbon footprint with an offset action that you take or buy. Then give the offset to them as a gift. You can say, "I offset the (carbon footprint of your purchase [or] carbon footprint of an action that you have taken that creates CO2) as a gift to you and the planet." This will encourage the friend to offset their own carbon footprint in the future.

#3 To play Green Beanz game #3, offer to give a friend (or others) an XOEarth Honor if they will offset part (or all) of their carbon footprint with specific actions or by purchasing carbon offsets. XOEarth Honors has lots of rad ways to challenge and thank others for reducing or offsetting their carbon footprint.

#4 To play Green Beanz game #4, offer to sponsor half (or some other portion) of a friend's carbon footprint offset for a purchase or other CO2 thingy with (or other offset non-profit) if they will pay for the other half. Or, if you are both buying the same product or taking the same doing the same CO2 making thing, offer to offset your CO2 if your friend will offset theirs.

Game #5 is on the way. If you have a XOEarth game idea, email us or post it on XOEarth Facebook.


Ecological lifestyle choices are the main way to get a sleek, great looking carbon footprint. Reducing is first and most powerful strategy. Scope out the list of resources below for eco things you can do for our sweet biosphere.

When reducing is not possible, offsetting is the next strategy. Calculate the carbon offset you need via, or Then invest in their carbon offset projects or donate the same amount in one or more of the organizations listed below that are working hard to slow climate change.

XOEarth's *Green Minute Rule*
NRDC *Green Living Toolkit*
Sierra Club
Environmental Defense
The Nature Conservancy
Earth Island
Sea Shepherd
Wilderness Society
World Wildlife Federation
Union of Concerned Scientists
Carbon Fund
Terra Pass
Native Energy

More international climate change organizations:
More USA climate change organizations:


> Get your XOEarth carbon offsets going so we can slow the CO2 atmospheric concentration that is heating our planet. CO2 is now over 400 parts per million.

> We hope the XOEarth Honors *Directory of Businesses* will include businesses that offer the GreenBeanz offset. Look for the Green Beanz signs in the store windows.

> We hope to do a GreenBeanz Honors Pledge and card. Then you will be able to print and sign a membership pledge/ card to show that you have pledged to offset part -- or all -- of your carbon footprint.

> Signup for the monthly XOEarth Newsletter for GreenBeanz and other XOEarth updates.

> Draw, paint or sew one of the XOEarth Carbon Offset codewords or XOECO on your clothing, personal belongings and/or skin* to show others that you offset your carbon footprint. Blue or green pens, markers, paint or embroidery can be used to put the GreenBeanz or a drawing of a greenbean-person on clothing and belongings.
Dave Weil and XOEarth Man
doing a carbon deal for the biosphere

putting on the XO for the biosphere



for all the life that loves to live


putting on the XO for the biosphere


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    Green-e Climate is the first and only independent, third-party certification program for retail carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market. It ensures that Certified Offsets contain only verified reductions from projects that meet high-quality, endorsed standards, and that participating offset sellers deliver correct volumes and types of emissions reductions on behalf of their customers. Green-e Climate also enforces customer disclosure requirements to ensure offsets are as advertised and that full and accurate information is provided to the consumer.

  • SteleEly Post author

    Green-e Climate is an independent certification for retail carbon offsets that contain only verified reductions from projects that meet high-quality, endorsed standards (including CAR), and which provides independent verification that the correct volume and types of reductions (i.e. certified reduction credits) have been exclusively delivered to you with sufficient and accurate disclosure.

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    HOW IT WORKS FOR PEEPS: When you sign up for Wind Energy with Arcadia Power, you'll ensure that for every kWh of electricity you use, a kWh of clean energy is produced and put on the grid. You'll get the same reliable electricity from your local utility and a consolidated monthly statement from us. It's that simple.
    UTILITIES PROVIDE NO CHOICES: Dirty, polluting energy sources dominate the mix of energy supplying U.S. homes and businesses. In fact, the production of electricity is the main contributor to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions in America today. That's because monopoly utilities haven't provided consumers a choice.
    HOW IT WORKS FOR BIZ: Today's consumers and employees want to support companies committed to sustainability. Choosing clean energy through Arcadia Power is the easiest way to reduce your environmental impact, boost your brand, and become a more responsible business.

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    Via Should You Buy Carbon Offsets? : A practical and philosophical guide to neutralizing your carbon footprint.
    … The best carbon offset programs are transparent. If you have concerns, you should contact the seller to find out exactly what you’re buying. Many will allow you to direct your money to specific projects or away from others. You may, for example, prefer not to invest in a factory farm, even if the money is earmarked for methane capture. Or you may wish to look for programs that offer benefits beyond carbon reduction, such as employment in low-income areas or improvements in public health.
    In addition to these practical issues, you should be aware of a larger philosophical argument about carbon offsets. While proponents view high-quality offsets as a way to support carbon-fighting projects, critics say they are merely a license to pollute. When you buy an offset, you are paying someone to cut her emissions so you don’t have to.
    That’s why your first move should always be to reduce your own emissions. Drive fewer miles, fly less, don’t overheat or over-cool your home. But before you resign yourself to moving to a cave, know that high-quality carbon offsets are available to eliminate the last traces of your carbon footprint.