Give 400 Minutes A Week To Save Your Dying Earth [HERO 400]


Give 400 minutes a week to help save our dying planet Earth, to help save your peeps and to help save 400 species that are in danger of extinction every week. [HERO 400]

Become a HERO 400 to reduce the chance that the number and intensity of the climate change disasters does not increase 2 to 4 times in 2 to 4 years. Become a HERO 400 so that there are not 1 billion climate refugees by 2023. []

Every minute that you volunteer, occupy, block, protest or take action to stop the climate change monsters [wildfires, floods, heatwaves and hurricanes] helps more people and lifeforms live longer and have more fun. So thank you so much for every minute that you to give to keep our biosphere fun!

HERO 400 minutes are considered minutes that are in addition to the everyday choices that an EcoLogical Consumer takes. [more]

Here are some ways to meet your XOEarth HERO 400 minutes goal::
volunteer with environmental organizations that are helping slow down the climate change monsters
[a few of our fave orgs are listed below]

volunteer, canvass and share info to get environmental legislation and carbon taxes passed
grow some of your own organic food to reduce agriculture greenhouse gases and put carbon into the soil
volunteer, canvass and share info to get environmental candidates elected
volunteer to become the Sustainability Coach and Manager where you work
help others burn as little fossil fuels as possible
occupy plus block every day with others or solo
help others eat a plant based diet - vegan or vegetarian
help others make their job a green job
help others live close to work
help others make their home eco efficient
help others buy solar or wind energy for home and biz
help others burn little or no jet fuel
help others use alternative transportation
help others donate to eco organizations and eco candidates
help others with birth control decisions
quit your job to take an super eco logical job
or, volunteer to make your place of work more sustainable
show your profession how to turn it green
help others boycott over-packaged products - unless it is not possible
honor others every day for their eco work
challenge others every day to take specific eco actions
help others boycott single serving products - unless it is not possible
help others grow some food
help others boycott single use products - unless it is not possible
introduce others to the Green Minute Rule
help others become a XOEarth HERO 400
help others put on tats, tags and style to rep Team Earth
post and share on XOEarth Facebook
speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
double pay your carbon tax

Again, the Earth's biosphere and kids and the critters majorly appreciate every minute that you give to them every week.

Feel free to give us a shout out every week to tell us about your XOEarth HERO 400 actions and how many minutes you score every week.

Big love to each of you, Stele Ely + XOEarth

Some Of Our Fave Orgs You Might Want To Volunteer With

Citizens Climate Lobby
Sunrise Movement [yes, us too] /
Climate Reality Project

Buy Some Of Your Minutes

When you need to, you can also "buy some of your minutes" by donating money to any environmental organization that is fighting hard to stop climate change. One minute of income from your job will buy you one minute towards your 400 minutes.

For example, if you make $20 an hour net including benefits, you can buy 60 minutes towards your 400 minutes by donating $20 to an org that is working to slow down the wildfires, floods, heatwaves and hurricanes.

When you want to buy some of your 400 minutes, we hope you will consider donating to one of our fave organizations that are listed both above and below. / greenliving/carboncalculator /carbon / services/energy-attribute-certificates

What Would Planet Earth Say

I hope Planet Earth would say, "Yessss, a person IS a HERO if they are volunteering 400 extra minutes a week to help slow down the climate monsters that are killing my dear species and amazing ecosystems".

I do realize 400 minutes may be considered arbitrary - even though the 400 minutes I am asking for are dedicated to helping save the 400 species that are in danger of extinction every week.

If you have a suggestion for a better metric or different metric to cheer on "Team Earth", I am happy to hear about it.

Again, thanks so very much to the every one of you Earth loving peeps who are a HERO 400.

For all the life, Stele Ely

"The greatest threat to our dying planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~ Robert Swan"

EcoLogical Consumer

HERO 400 minutes are in addition to the minutes that every EcoLogical Consumer should give.

Even though the following are very important EcoLogical Consumer actions, the time it takes to do them does not count towards a person's HERO 400 minutes. But yes, they DO count towards a person's EcoLogical Consumer time.
uses as little fossil fuels as much as possible
minimizes their use of unnecessary products as much as possible
consumes plant-based foods as much as possible
uses as little plastic as much as possible

makes their job or career as sustainable as much as possible
recycles and composts as much as possible
votes for environmentally smart candidates and initiatives as much as possible
bike, bus, carpool, rideshare or use other low CO2 travel modes

More actions that an EcoLogical Consumer can take is on the Green Minute Rule page.

HERO 400 Awards and Perks

We would like to give you a shout out for the actions that you take every week as a HERO 400. So write a post about how your HERO 400 week went and post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and tag it with XOEarth so we can say hi and stuff.

Or, if you prefer to write a post as a comment at the bottom of this page, that's cool too.

Plus, we sometimes and randomly offer to mail XOEarth Awards signed by Stele to honor some of you HERO 400 peeps. If you get picked, we will ask for your mailing address so we can send it to you.

And for those who are going for HERO 400+ levels - such as HERO 500, HERO 600, HERO 700 or HERO 2400 - please tell us about how that's going too.







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