HERO 400+ : Give 400 Minutes Or More A Week To Save Your Dying Earth


To be a HERO 400+, give 400 Minutes or more a week to save our dying planet Earth, to save your peeps and to save the 1400 species that are in danger of extinction every week.

Yes, whether you are a HERO 40+, HERO 400+ or HERO 4000+ with your Minutes this week, you will be helping stop the climate change monsters - wildfires, floods, heatwaves and hurricanes - so more people and lifeforms will get to live longer and have more fun.

In its current state, our planet could have an far more severe ecological breakdown in 2 to 4 years according to 20 plus climate science writers, two of which include Sam Carana and Malcolm Light at Arctic News.

If we presume that those writers have at least a 1 in a 1000 chance of being correct, how many minutes do you think we should commit to an ecological life and to the fighting of the climate change monsters?

Our planet needs another XOEarth HERO 400+ to keep the fun going on this planet's biosphere. Can Earth's biosphere count on you to be that HERO 400+?

Every time an XOEarth HERO takes an environmental action somewhere in the world, it helps slow down the destruction and extend the life of our dying planet's biosphere. Celebrate that!

However, at the current rate, we are still losing ground. If we are going to save this precious Earth we will need more HEROes giving their time to climate and environmental actions.

If you become a committed XOEarth HERO 400+, you will help build the movement to get billions of others to join us in preventing a much bigger climate breakdown.

That's just one reason I am asking you to vow 400+ Minutes of your week's life, work and play to actions that will help save this amazing orb we call our home. For all the life that loves to live.

Some ways to meet your XOEarth HERO 400+ goal include: become the Sustainability Coach and Manager at your job, Occupy and Block for 4+ minutes every day, volunteer with environmental organizations, eat plant-based, burn as little fossil fuels as possible, pay your carbon tax, and invite others to join you. See more HERO actions below.

It's also fine to *buy* some of your 400+ minutes by donating to environmental organizations.

Here's how to *buy some time*. For every 1 hour's worth of your net income that you sponsor or donate to an organization or candidate that is fighting hard to slow down climate change, you can buy 60 minutes towards your 400+ minutes goal. For example, if you make $14 an hour net including benefits, you can buy 60 minutes towards your 400+ minutes by donating $14 to 350.org, LCV.org, ClimateRealityProject.org, Extinction Rebellion or XOEarth.org.

Again, the Earth's biosphere and kids and the critters majorly appreciate every minute that you give to them every week. So whether your minutes make you an XOEarth Hero 40+, an XOEarth Hero 400+ or an XOEarth Hero 4000+ for any week, thanks a bunch.

Feel free to give us a shout out every week to tell us your XOEarth Hero actions, experience and number+.

Big love to each of you, Stele Ely + XOEarth

PS: Here are some more actions that you can take to achieve your XOEarth HERO 400+ Minute goal::
volunteer with eco organizations
Occupy plus Block
canvass and vote environmental
burn as little gasoline as possible
eat a plant based diet - vegan or vegetarian
make your job a green job
live close to work
make your home eco efficient
turn the air conditioner way down little or off
turn the heater way down little or off
buy solar or wind energy for home and biz
burn little or no jet fuel
use alternative transportation
donate to eco organizations and eco candidates
explore XOEarth.org for more eco actions
make love, not babies
quit your job to take an eco logical job
or, turn your job into a super eco logical job
show your profession how to turn it green
boycott over-packaged products - unless it is not possible
honor and reward others every day for their eco work
boycott single serving products - unless it is not possible
grow food for yourself and others
boycott single use products - unless it is not possible
carbon offset all (or nearly all) of your energy use
consider your Green Minute Rule in every decision
invite others to live by the Green Minute Rule
call on your Earth HERO within to empower every action
put on tats, tags and style to rep Team Earth
like and participate in XOEarth Facebook
speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
get eco sexy

The greatest threat to our dying planet is the belief that someone else will save it.





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Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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