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home around the sun she fly-ah
om magic waters, rocks and skyah
home 2 million species love the ride-ah /ome

archaea protista, bryophytes bacteria
tracheophytes parazoa, fungi eumetazoa

home 4 trillion .tons of biota ly-fi D G
om magic plants, animals, .crobes-mi A D
home 2 million ways to sing and ive-ji D G ome A D

radiata .bila.teria, braciopoda .anne.lida G A D, A G D (bar)
nematoda .mol.lusca arthropoda .chor.data G F#m G, A C D

home 1 billion kilometers a year we fly-ah D G
om magic birth, then life, then die-ah A D
home 2 million ways to kiss and cry-ah D G ome (sweet home) A D

(repeat 1st chorus or stretch words below into a chorus)
h.ome D G / o.m A D / ho.me d sweet .home. A D

1st verse cords:: home. around the sun she fly-ah D G [close in] (open d)
om magic waters, rocks and .sky-ah A D
home 2 million .species love the ride-ah D G / ome. A D

2nd verse cords:: archaea .pro.tista, bryophytes. bac.teria G A D, A G D (bar chor)
tracheophytes .para.zoa, fungi .eumeta.zoa (you-met-a-zoa)
G F#m G, A C D

Home Om stele c10


Home Om is a little eco science song and chant that honors all the species and their scientific categories. Home Om mentions all of the phylums as well as two domains/superregnums/superkingdoms (bacteria and archaea), unranked "Subkingdom" (bilateria) and subkingdom (eumetazoa).

Wikipedia excerpt: PHYLUM In biology, a phylum (/ˈfaɪləm/; plural: phyla) is a taxonomic rank below kingdom and above class. Traditionally, in botany the term division is used instead of "phylum", although in 1993 the International Botanical Congress accepted the designation "phylum".[1][2] The kingdom Animalia contains approximately 35 phyla; the kingdom Plantae contains 12 phyla. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phylum

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