Just Another Wicked 500 Year Flood


Eat, work, play, donate, travel and live ecologically to stop the monster floods that are jacked on climate change - purty please!

Bigger and record floods keep happening around the world. Here is a little retrospect on the Boulder flood that took a few months out of my life.


Via the Huffington Post [HuffPost]

As Earth’s climate changes, extreme floods now described as “100-year” and “500-year” events are expected to become more frequent. So will the number of times that the public gets confused by those labels.

Some experts wonder if it might be time to scrap such terminology.

So-called 100-year floods are becoming so common that the metric “is pretty much useless now as a baseline for an extreme event,” said Marshall Shepherd, director of the atmospheric sciences program at the University of Georgia and a former president of the American Meteorological Society.

“We are in a new normal,” he told HuffPost.

Over the last five days in Houston, the former Hurricane Harvey has unloaded huge amounts of rain — more than 50 inches in some areas — triggering the city’s third “500-year flood” in as many years. Water levels could yet reach the “1,000-year” benchmark — or higher.

huffingtonpost: 100-year-flood-climate-change_us_59a6eaa3e4b084581a14ea14


Colorado's 500 Year Flood

[aka Colorado's 1000 Year Rain]

1,500 Homes Destroyed

1,750 People Evacuated by Air

2.9 Billion Dollars in Damage

17.15 Inches of Rain in 8 Days

Rivers And Aquifers Contaminated

11,000 Evacuated

8 Deaths

A river of Pacific moisture flowed northerly into Colorado during the September 2013 flood event, as seen in images from the NOAA GOES 13 satellite.

The September 2013 flood was strongly influenced by extremely high surface sea temperatures off the west coast of Mexico, south of Baja and west of Guadalajara.

Sea surface temperatures there were over 30 degrees Celsius and 1 degree Celsius above normal in August 2013, "which made it the hottest spot for the ocean in the western hemisphere," the paper said.

Additionally, "An incredible 77 mm (millimeters) of total column water vapor was recorded in the atmosphere in that region by NASA satellites."


choke on another 500 year flood
taste the climate change blood
hear its howling death ballad
feel the poison in the mud

We need a 500 Year Flood song.

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