Our goal to find 140,000 environmental love songs, media, art, theater and dance productions that inspire ecological actions, help save our sweet but gasping planet Earth from abrupt climate change and other ecological threats. Musicians, artists and fans worldwide are invited to help us win this game for all the life that loves to live.

Fans can help by sponsoring us to write an environmental song about an issue of their choice or sponsor a song, art or other media we are working on. If you sponsor one of Stele's (my) songs, you will get a copyright co-ownership certificate in your or a friend's name.

Songwriters are invited to add their songs to the Open Mic or any other post.

140,000 was chosen as it is the approximate number of endangered species.

For all the life, Stele Ely.
72O. 34O. 8O8O

Occupy ecofx


Occupy the "habitat loss" on a business sidewalk to encourage eco actions & green ethics.

Occupying the *habitat loss* on the sidewalk in front of a business is a superb way to encourage the business to stop selling or promoting an environmentally unethical product.

(Unethical business practices include selling bottled water, giving out plastic bags, not donating 1% of their income to environmental organizations or selling very polluting, unsustainbale products.)

This Occupy ecofx page has some reminders and ideas to empower up individuals — and groups — who are going to occupy the sidewalk in front of specific environmentally or socially irresponsible businesses.

Before occupying, first ask the business to stop taking a specific earth killing action. If they sign a pledge and/or say they will stop, celebrate and give the business a gift and even an EarthE Award.

If a business says they will not stop taking the action that hurts our planet, occupy the sidewalk in front of the front doors of the business.

Stepping off (walking around) the perimeter of the area of habitat lost because of a choice the business can make this occupy action more effective. Use ecofx.org to estimate the habitat loss.

Plus, below are some other ideas, a song and resources to power up your ecofx sidewalk occupy.

Occupy ecofx /by stele tyombe lorne feather bubbles
I occupy here to change your mind,
for the benefit of all the life (humankind, tree kind, ocean kind,)
((using styrofoam, using plastic bags, selling bottled water )) is a shame
Stop it now, help save the day,
For all the life that loves to live,
for all the fish that love to swim,
for all the kids that want to play
for all the lovers that want to kiss
for all the moose that want to bugle
for all the owls that like to fly

As an option to a sign, a green and/or blue clothe or flag with the appropriate words and/or the planet drawn on held up in the air, or a sign are good things to have. Small quarter page flyers about your action to give to passersby and customers are good.

ecofx.org is a place to learn how to quickly estimate the ecological effects of buying (or selling) a product — including the impact on natural habitat (in square meters or feet), plant and animal life (in kilograms or pounds), extinction and humankind.

To occupy with ecofx on the sidewalk in front of a business that is not eco ethical, step off the amount of habitat being lost due to the business’s shameful actions or sales.

Walk around the area as many times as necessary to represent every time the business takes that anti eco action – or to represent multiples of that area. More occupy at ecofx.org.

EarthE.org has a bunch of rad ideas for how to use your talents or an EarthE Award to honor businesses once they have taken the ethical eco action you have asked them to take. Offering the reward to the business when making a request is a respectful way to encourage them to make the change.

The EarthE Award or thankyou does not have to be a big thing. It could be a song, or a signed EarthE Award that you can print at EarthE.org. More occupy at EarthE.org.

XO Earth is calling on all earth defenders to always wear something that shows others they are taking environmental actions in their lives – whether they are occupying or not.

One way to do that is to put on the XO (X drawn with a dot as a human, and an O drawn as the earth) on clothing, backpacks, personal items and skin.

Putting on the XO encourages others to take eco actions in their lives too. It also encourages them to take a stand for the planet in public too.

Again, it does not have to be the XO. Other words and symbols that show others we are happy to take actions for the planet are great too. More occupy at XOEarth.org.

XOEarth.org calls on everyone to use their talent and resources to become and support the creation of media that encourages eco ethical actions in our society. More occupy at XOEarth.org.

Occupy actions on the sidewalk in front of a business may last for days. However, Occupy actions that only last an hour or more can make a difference. And again, even though big groups are great, individual Occupy actions are important too.

Tell others about your occupy on our XOEarth facebook page, and invite others to join in.

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