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ORG XOX LUV by stele c12

organic ravishin gardens are blessed sx C Cm G G
ecological sustainable visionary (green) Am7 D7sus D7 G C D7

organic ecstacy G C
makes sweetsoil, health, saves oil and energy Em C D7
organic apogee G F#m7
helps our climate and biodiversity Bm D D+

for crickets calling, people grooving G C
whales breaching, elk bugling Em C D7
for doggies ha jumping, kitties dreaming G C
friends confiding, kids scheming Bm D D+

petroleum suicidal (obsessed) agriculture of death C Cm G G
toxic pesticides fertilizers and seeds Am7 D7sus D7 G C D7
(POA/ process of annihilation)

PSA absurdity G C
superweeds, cancer, wastes oil and energy Em C D7
PSA entropy G F#m7
kills our climate and biodiversity Bm D D+

for fish a spawning, bats a zooming G C
nugglers snuggling, trees a zenning Em C D7
for chipmunks chasing, robins preening G C
mantas surfing, lovers re-vealing Bm D D+



poa omg wtf G Em Bm G
petroleum obsessed agriculture of death C Cm G G7
sos lif rip C Cm G Em
poisons fertilizers toxicity Am7 D7sus D7 G C D7
(poa/ process of annihilation)

most poas poison land and sea G C
waste lots of oil and energy Em C D7
they hurt our climate and ecology G F#m7
when this we know poas must go Bm D D+

for kids a scheming, and elk a bugling G C
for doggies a hajumping, and kitties a dreaming Bm D D+

gmo omg wtf G Em Bm G
genetically modified organisms of death C Cm G G7
sos dna rip C Cm G Em
pesticides carcinogens toxicity Am7 D7sus D7 G C D7

some gmos make superweeds G C
or kill the butterflys and bees Em C D7
some breed and spoil organic seed G F#m7
when this we know, gmos must go Bm D D+
(and maybe wicked allergies)

for whales a dancing, and people grooving G C
for fish a spawning, and bats a zooming Bm D D+

org xox luv G Em Bm G
organic naturally grown yummies sx C Cm G G7
bff eco ilu C Cm G Em
sustainable ecological (a) green so true Am7 D7sus D7 G C D7

organic helps the land and sea G C
and saves lots of oil and energy Em C D7
it helps my planet, my friends and me G F#m7
for life we see, organic is key Bm D D+

for chipmunks a chasing, and robins a worming G C
for mantas a surfing, and nugglers a snuggling Bm D D+

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Plus here’s *Grow a Garden, by Joe Avery* another good food tune.

Protest song by Joe Avery against the all-powerful multinational corporations that have been ruining our food, our farmlands and our traditional and natural way of producing what we eat. But the solution is within reach of just about every individual. Just grow a garden. Plant your own natural food and take the power away from Monsanto, Tyson, Dupont, ConAgra, Cargill and the rest of the agriculture mafia that wants to obligate us all to only consume their junk food. (Which is not really even food.) The solution and way to fight back is as easy as planting a seed.

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2 thoughts on “ORG XOX BFF

  • SteleEly Post author

    Walmart to Sell Monsanto GMO Corn This Summer / Brandi February 25, 2012
    By Margaret Badore for

    Walmart is set to sell a new form of genetically-engineered (GE) sweet corn as early as this summer. Monsanto’s Bt sweet corn contains three GE traits that have never before been consumed directly by humans, and have not been subjected to thorough safety testing. There will be no labeling whatsoever indicating that the corn is a genetically modified organism.

    Most GE corn is not fit for human consumption unless it is heavily processed into products like high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, or corn oil. This means that consumers can avoid consuming GE corn simply by choosing not to eat processed foods with corn-derived ingredients. However, Monstanto’s Bt sweet corn will be sold to consumers as whole ears on the cob and will be found in the produce section.

    Read more:

  • SteleEly Post author

    ** GMO Killed The Organic Star ** song idea. Are we losing Organic voices and momentum due to the GMO debate? Even if we ban the GMOs with these non-organic farmers, won't they still be using oil based pesticides and fertilizers. And even more of it?
    GMOs are here to stay. They are on the loose. Banning a specific, individual GMO that is oil based, unsustainable, may cause more realistic. The attacks The But isn't it a bigger Is it really a question