Dr Guy McPherson : On Behalf Of A Living-Dying Planet

Watch this rather important Guy McPherson presentation at Victoria University, to nurture your life of excellence, and empower your eco logical actions that will save your life – if only for another precious second. This vid was shot [more]

Try Vegan Please [How Not To Go Extinct]

“Add agae derived EPA and DHA omega-3, vitamin B12, flax seeds and nutritional yeast to a vegan diet of fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and tempeh to power up your bod.” ~ XOEarth Man ~ Stele [Nutrition Facts .org [more]


Thread Monster

These thread monsters are hurting the planet, ruining our clothes, costing us to much money and adding to inside air pollution. That monster is a clothes dryer, of course. Going to put my love on the line Going [more]

Peoples Climate March >>>> Every φ⇑♥;}≈ϑ Day

Play >> Peoples Climate March – Every φ⇑♥;}≈ϑ Day .mp3 Hello Earth Warriors, This is the another [un-official] day for the People’s Climate March!! XOEarth wants you will join us TODAY in taking a visible and public stand [more]