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Pant Leg Up / stele & jeffry c2010

your right calf, it was looking so fine
that grease tat made me smile, it’s just like mine

pant leg up, pedal pusher style
pant leg up, wanna sike (bike/cycle) some miles?

showing some love, your earthy wing
showing some love, sooo eco sweet

so let’s roll em up hun, spin round and round
with hills, wind, rain or sun, we can shift up, we can shift down

your left calf, bet it’s looking fine
so for all the life, show me yours, I’ll show you mine

pant leg up, pedal pusher style
pant leg up, yeah, we fly for miles

showing some love, our earthy wings
showing some love, my eco sweet


*My Pant Leg Up* song was written for the techie eco biker. It was totally inspired by Paul M. Davis’s Grist entry. Check out his green spinning take. For all the life, Stele

Here is an excerpt Paul M. Davis’s article:
“For the price of a regular checkup and a couple months of insurance, you can get a smartphone, a transit card, and a decent bike and ditch the headaches and the endless money drain that come with even a hybrid. Granted, I’ve always been more of a geek than a gearhead, but a pocket computer complements the carless lifestyle splendidly, and makes the switch easier than ever. One of the greatest barriers to going carless has traditionally been the additional planning required, but with a smartphone at the ready, the information required to navigate your route is always available.

There are other, less tangible benefits to trading the car for a smartphone. Driving is so often a solitary endeavor, as we seal ourselves into a box, zoom down the highway, and ignore the local color and landmarks of our communities. While living in Chicago, I commuted two hours a day to get to the office. Sitting in traffic on the 94 was a soul-sucking experience. It was quicker to take the train, and despite the occasional malodorous seat-mate, a lot more enjoyable. After all, on a long commute, listening to podcasts while playing Angry Birds is a much better diversion than listening to morning shock-jock radio while idling in endless morning traffic.

On a bike or public transit, every trip is an adventure, allowing you to take in your surroundings and get a better sense for your community. Smartphones compliment this communal sense as connective devices, bringing multiple channels of conversation via email, IM chats, social media, and calls. On a bike or public transit, a smartphone is a serendipity engine. A last-minute meeting or happy hour meetup may be an impossibility in cross-town traffic; jump on a bike and you’re an agile, digitally-connected urban nomad. (Just be sure to get out of the bike lane and stop when you want to check notifications!)”

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