Our goal to find 140,000 environmental love songs, media, art, theater and dance productions that inspire ecological actions, help save our sweet but gasping planet Earth from abrupt climate change and other ecological threats. Musicians, artists and fans worldwide are invited to help us win this game for all the life that loves to live.

Fans can help by sponsoring us to write an environmental song about an issue of their choice or sponsor a song, art or other media we are working on. If you sponsor one of Stele's (my) songs, you will get a copyright co-ownership certificate in your or a friend's name.

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140,000 was chosen as it is the approximate number of endangered species.

For all the life, Stele Ely.
72O. 34O. 8O8O

Passion Tree


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Passion Tree / stele ely c2010

touch my .bright green .leaves not .high /c dm7 em c
although a sapling .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7
live to .give to .one you .love /c dm7 em c
oxygen and .weather .divine /dm7 c dm7

so water .year .round my .ground /c dm7 cma7 dm7
piddle on my .roots so .sweetly /cma7 dm7 e7
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium /a d e a
grow me to be your passion .tree /d g

tree da .do, .tree wa .wee /c dm7 em c

sit under .my deep green .leaves up .high /c dm7 em c
although a simple .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7
live to .protect .one you .love /c dm7 em c
from hurricane, .drought and .flood /dm7 c dm7

so .water year .round my .ground /c dm7 cma7 dm7
bury your .turd so .sweetly /cma7 dm7 e7
calcium sulfur magnesium /a d e a
grow me to be your passion .tree /d g

play under .my deep green .leaves way .high /c dm7 em c
although a mighty .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7
live to .give to .one you .love /c dm7 em c
oxygen and .climate .divine /dm7 c dm7

tree da do, tree wa wee /c dm7 em c

from sapling, water, poo’npee
I am now your passion tree

other tree song ideas:
plant a tree for someone … it’s the biggest bouquet or posy you can give
my water and breath goes up a tree
water, kisses, breath, wishes, leaves, fertilizer up the tree
when the rains or snow was nill
the tree called out to me
bring me food and water to keep me strong
spring, summer, fall and even winter
so I carried a bucket

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Perform this song at your gigs to help our planet.
Fans:: Sponsor this song and get partial copyright — $44 can get you a copyright certificate showing your percentage of the copyright (the percentage varies depending on the song). By the way, $44 pays for a day of Stele’s life expenses including rent, food, guitar strings and other vitals). Plus, I will keep improving the song.
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James seren_dipity via Flickr Beautiful Tree Edwards Gardens

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  • Dave

    HI Steele: I finally got around to listening to the tree song you wrote on my behalf, and I like it a lot. The video is really cool too. Keep fighting the good fight, but have fun doing it! Dave

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