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1] Create or find an eco poem, song, story, art or video about an environmental action that a person or business can take that helps our biosphere, a person, a critter or a community.

2] Like XOEarth on Facebook.

3] Share that eco poem, song, story, art or vid on your Facebook timeline, along with the @XOEarth tag.

That's it! Voila! Finito! You will be entered to win a hand-painted XOEarth Cape and other Perks! Plus, you are guaranteed to win a healthier, funner, φ≈♥⇑ϑ  planet by encouraging others to take eco actions!

Bonus Perks :: If you are sharing original eco media that you have created, or share your story or media about an eco action you have taken, you will also be entered to win $44, $444 and $4,444.

Some of you eco peeps that enter will get Team Earth bracelets, XOEarth dollars and other goodies too.

Signed Cape :: XOEarth Man hand paints and signs the XOEarth Tie that you can enter to win every month.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

facebook tagging example, 365 355

Here's an example of
how to tag @XOEarth
in a Facebook post:
When you type @XOEarth
into a post, it will appear
in a dropdown menu.
Click on XOEarth
in the dropdown to
create an XOEarth tag/ link.
To make sure that your @XOEarth
tag automatically tells us to enter
you for a chance to win Perks,
first like the XOEarth page.
[Click to embiggen.]

Easy rules ::
  One entry per person per day max.
  We ask that your post/entry is about an environmental action that helps our planet, or about an eco action that helps a specific person, critter or community far or near.
  To enter the same eco poem, song, story, art or video more than once, wait at least a month.
  Your Facebook entry/post should be public so it can inspire others to help the planet.
  The @XOEarth tag should appear in your post, not in the comments.
  It's super fine to have multiple entries in a drawing to increase your odds of winning.

Co-create with us :: If you would like XOEarth Man, Stele or our other eco artists help you with a poem, song, story, art or video that you are creating, feel free to contact us or check out our *Your Song* page .

How winners are chosen ::
To determine the winner of our Rad Perks and Bonus Perks, we assign lotto numbers to your post-entry based on the Facebook timestamp of your post. Then, you will win the Perkz if five out of six of those lotto numbers match the Colorado Lotto's numbers from the second week of the next month. Our Lotto page shows how we do this each month and the odds.

How winners get their Perks ::
Winners will be contacted via Facebook. Perks will be mailed to a winner or be available to be picked up at an XOEarth show, our XOEarth office or at a specified business' location.
Winning entries will also be announced on XOEarth's Facebook page and beyond.

Tagging notes ::
Tags create links that your friends can click on. If a dropdown menu does not appear when making a tag (@ + name), then tagging will not work. Some mobile devices do not allow tagging. If you don't add a business tag, you will still be entered to win awesome XOEarth things. There is a tagging example in the right column.

Biz Perks :: If you add a specific @“Business' Name” tag to your post you will also get a chance to win Biz Perks from the business named in that tag. To help us sign up businesses in your area, contact us. Businesses will be will be asked donate Biz Perks worth between $30 and $90 and will be added to our XOEarth Perks Google map
  Use our XOEarth Perks map to find a business that gives XOEarth Perks, what Perks a business gives, their @"Business' Name" tag, and how many taggers (different people) a business wants before XOEarth does the drawing.
  Look for our XOEarth Biz Perks sign in the windows of participating businesses. [map]
  The number of unique taggers is used to determine when a business will do a drawing. In other words, a tagger who tag a business more than once is counted as one tag for drawing purposes.
  If you are also tagging a business, the @"Business' Name" tag should appear in your post, not in the comments.
  To tag the same business more than once, enter a different eco media or eco work each time, and wait at least a week after the last tag.
  Once the number of valid @"Business' Name" taggers established by the business is received, XOEarth will do a drawing for the Biz Perk. (25 to 75 is the normal range.)
  A random number generator will be used to do Biz Perk drawings.
  The first randomly selected entry for a Biz Perk will be the winner!!

Share the eco ::
Find some eco to share here at XOEarth.org, and at The Sierra Club, Grist, Greenpeace, NRDC, Climate Reality, and Earth Island.

Non Facebook entries ::
If you are a writer, songwriter or artist that is not on Facebook, post your eco creations on your some other public social media network that you belong too, then post a link to it on any relevant XOEarth.org page, along with the @XOEarth tag.

Contact XOEarth for help or info ::
Creating and sharing eco media is powerful, especially if it's about an eco action you have taken or plan to take. Contact us via XOEarth Facebook or emaiI if you would like feedback, need a co-writer or production help.

Kiss Green, Hug Blue, Stele Ely {founder}
3454 Stanford Ave.
Boulder, Co 80305
XOEarth Facebook

PS: Sponsor us so we can help our biosphere even more.

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Honor Eco. Save Planet. Get Customers.

To All Business Owners And Managers,

[sign example/ link to print]

To offer XOEarth Perks at your business, contact us via Facebook, email or phone with the following info:
  Your business' name on Facebook.
  The Perks you want to give. Most businesses are offering Perks worth between $30 and $90.
  The number of @"Your Business' Name" taggers you want per drawing. Most businesses are asking for between 25 to 75 tags.
[At least half of this number of tags will be unique individuals. In other words, if single individuals tag you more than once, only two of their tags will count towards the number of tags you ask for.]
  An eco action that your business is taking or planning. [green biz ideas]

We will then add your info to our XOEarth Perks map and tell others about your business and your Perks - via Facebook, Twitter, the XOEarth blog and beyond.

Taadaa! Superb! Done! That's all you have to do to get more customers talking about your business, and to get them to create or find, and share eco media that will help our biosphere.

DIY! If you prefer to do your own eco rewards drawings similar to XOEarth Perks, that's OK. Our mission is to help your business help our planet, so contact us either way.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

XOEarth Perks map ::
The XOEarth Perks map

will show your address, @"Your Business' Name" tag, what Perks you give, and how many taggers you want before a drawing is done.

How the drawing is done ::
We will track the number of XOEarth Perk entries with @"Your Business' Name" on Facebook. Once the number of different individuals with valid entries meets your pre-determined number (such as 30), we will do a random drawing for you.

We will send you the winner's name via Facebook and email.

Then we will send the winner an invitation to come to your business to get the Perk, or to get the Perk from us, whichever you prefer.

Marketing and press ::
Every time we do a drawing for you, we will congratulate the winner and your business on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

We will also share and blog our favorite entries that tag your business to give the planet and your business more buzz.

Feel free to promote your Perks via your Facebook, XOEarth Perks signs, person to person, and in your advertising. Use the XOEarth Perks logo in your ads if you want to. With an author's permission, include a winning or your favorite entry in your ads too.

Put XOEarth Perks signs by your front door, checkout and elsewhere.

Make or order your signs ::
Print your signs on your own, or ask us to make your signs. Posting these Perks signs is not necessary - but it helps.

To make your signs ::
Print the signs on heavy paper. Write your business' name (page title on Facebook) on the first line after the @ symbol.

To make double sided signs for windows or tables, print the 4-up 4.25" x 5.5" signs on 8.5" X 11" paper, cut vertically down the middle and fold in half. To make table signs, tape the fold corners.

[alternate sign example]
[link to print coming soon]

Alternate signs ::
Print the alternate sign if you want it to include:
  The Perks that a person can win.
  The number of taggers needed per drawing. [example on right]

To order your signs ::
Contact us if you want us to make your XOEarth Perks signs for free.

Opting out ::
To stop giving XOEarth Perks, remove your signs and contact us so we can remove your business from our XOEarth Perks map.

Contact us if you want help or customized materials.

Kiss Green, Hug Blue, Stele Ely {founder}
3454 Stanford Ave.
Boulder, Co 80305
XOEarth Facebook
72O. 34O. 8O8O

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!PS :: To help us pay for materials, postage, research, office, helping promote your business, and working hard to protect your planet, please make a donation.

:: Print the 4.25" x 5.5" PDF or 8.5" x 11" PDF XOEarth Perks signs here or here.
The HTML version here.

:: Print the XOEarth Perks Alternate signs here.
The HTML version here.



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