Pick Up America


Pick it Up America
we can't let it go down the drain
lot of useful things out there
were acting like we don't even care
throwing good things on the ground
let them go in the streams and all around
pick it up America if you care

pick it up, like that aluminum can
even if you didn't do it, heh man
pickup it up and throw into the recycling now
maybe you'll help a spotted cow
someday you know whoa whoa
you're gonna die and go into the stream
then you know, you'll turn into a piece of algae
and then be eaten by a fish
eaten by a bird and then go into the ground
turn into a spotted cow

pick up America from here on out
from Maryland to California
from Montana to Texas, you know
don't let anything go to waste if you please
5 million species are counting on you and me
pick it up and make it more useful you see
no trash from here on out
can you hear the future shout
no trash from here on out
make everything last
fix it up, repair it, weld it together, make a drum out of it
yeah, make some clothes

walking from the east to the west
living out of this crazy bus
making new friends everywhere we go
the planet is counting on us
to turn this thing around
yeah we're rolling on the highways
into your town
showing you how to pick up things
and turn them into useful wonderful magical things
no more trash
it’s gonna be a more beautiful world

pick it up America
don't let it go trashing around
we're gonna, pick it up America
don't waste resources
that can't be found

just don't leave it on the ground
like, pick it up, you know

pick it up America
make it more useful
pick it up America
reduce, reuse, recycle and repair
this earth
show you care, zero! waste!
this earth
just Pick It America
for this earth


Pick Up America was the U.S.'s first coast-to-coast roadside litter pick-up. It is a youth-inspired initiative encourages environmental stewardship and zero-waste through art, education, and community outreach. Pick Up America was the inaugural project of The Harvest Collective, Inc.

Their Vision: They envisioned a resilient network of individuals, commuities, and organizations interacting with each other and the land with an "I thrive when you thrive" ethic. This vision will flourish within closed loop resource systems and the active stewardship of local and global resources.

Their Tour: They basically started our own tour across the country. With the help of friends, strangers who become friends, and some good luck, they got a full-time crew of four professional volunteers to pick up trash across this beautiful nation. Along the way, they co-hosted community events, hangout with the locals, play music, and make art. It’s pretty much the coolest road-trip ever.

Big, beautiful, and blue: They called the bus Due West (or D-Dubs, for short)... because they’re headed in that general direction. It’s no ordinary bus though; it’s home for them and it’s their office too. Because they have a fairly large permanent crew, they needed a vehicle that would have a few beds and a kitchen. Thanks to board member Dan, they got a good deal on one of his diesel buses. Then began the waste vegetable oil conversion and the transformation of the interior.
They run our bus on both diesel and waste vegetable oil. Why? The answer is easy -- they don’t want to rely solely on fossil fuels. In fact, they want to transition away from non-renewable sources of energy whenever possible. And it just so happens that fryer grease is chemically similar to diesel fuel. So if waste veggie oil from restaurants is being carted off to be recycled somewhere far away, why not use it as a local source of fuel? It burns cleaner than diesel, smells nice, and it’s right up their zero waste alley.


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