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What does these have in common? A picture of a porcupine, thumb tacks, rotten tomato, cactus, chewed bubble gum, dog poop, rotten egg, dirty toilet paper, porcupine quills and pokie pine needles.

There was a porcupine named Pokesi that was bummed about climate change because it was hurting the forests where she and her porcupine family lived. after reading a newspaper left in a campground where some people had stayed, she realized that cars and trucks are one of the main causes of climate change because they put out co2. she also found out that co2 makes the planet hotter in a lot of places, makes droughts and floods. well, the pine and pinyon forests where Pokesi lived don't like it too hot, too dry or too wet.

Pokesi already knew that cars and trucks were not all that good because they sometimes ran over her porcupine family - and other friends like the red fox, blue mouse, garter snake, brown bat, magpie, cricket, spotted frog and monarch butterfly.

So Pokesi wanted to know how she could get people to stop driving these cars and trucks so much - to help save her forests. So one day, when she saw a single human being park their car near where she lived, and get out of the car and walk away, she decided to check it out. The car was locked, but she was able to wiggle her quills into the lock and unlock it.

She got into the car and started to look around, but then she saw the human who was driving the car walking back to the car. "Back so soon", she thought. The driver had stopped just to take some pictures and then was going to drive around a lot more to take
more pictures.

So she jumped out of the car and hid. The driver got into the car and then abruptly jumped out of the car and started hopping around while holding their rear end. Then the driver looked in the car and while shaking their head and holding their rear-end. The driver then got a few things out of the car, and stood along the side of until someone stopped and gave them a ride.

At first Pokesi was mystified. Why were they holding their rear end and hopping around? Why did they not drive their car away? Then she realized that her quills must have made the driver's seat unsitable. Her quills were a pain in the butt.

That was all it took to give Pokesi an idea that might help save her forests. If she could just get all her porcupine friends to sit in the driver's seat of as many cars and trucks as they could, maybe they could save their forests.

The news spread fast. Porcupines around the world sat in car and truck seats and the cars and trucks sat for days until the quills could be removed, which was very tedious and time consuming. The cars and trucks were stopped from being a pain in the butt to the planet because the drivers got a pain in the butt.

However, there were a lot of places where porcupines did not live, so there were still a lot of cars and trucks that needed to parked for while. Just to be slowed down for a while, because people were driving these cars and trucks too much. Too much, because the planet's forests and oceans could not take the co2 out of the air fast enough to keep up with all the driving that people were doing.

That's when another amazing thing happened. There was a boy in the city that heard about the porcupines around the world that were helping protect the planet. He started drawing pictures of porcupines.

One day, when he was getting out of a friend's car, he left the picture of a porcupine on the driver's seat. A few hours later, the friend called to say that he was going to ride the bike instead of driving the car because there was a porcupine on the seat. Even though the friend knew it was not a real porcupine, it was enough to make them reconsider and decide to ride their bike for the rest of the day.

The boy thought maybe he could get other people to stop driving their car so much so he started putting pictures of porcupines on the driver's seat of other friends. He also added the words, "cars: a pain in the butt to the forests, the climate, the people and the porcupines," or just "don't be a pain in the planet's butt: drive less".

His friends stopped driving their cars so much and they started putting their drawings of porcupines on the driver's seat. And their friends' did the same. And then people all over the whole world put their pictures of the porcupine on the driver's seat of cars and trucks.

Some people put other things on the driver's seats when they did not have time to draw a porcupine picture. Guess what some of those things might have been.

Around the world people started driving much less and the climate started getting better. The climate became cooler, the number of droughts declined and there were less floods.

And so, thanks to Pokesi and the boy, the people, the creatures and porcupines around the world were safer and happier.

If this story has not happened yet inreal life, you can help make it come true. Put a picture of a porcupine on some driver's seats, or appropriate pokey things.


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