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Prairie Dogs Are /Prairie Dog Coalition by stele ely c2011

we come together as the .prairie dog coalition (Cmaj) 1 m6
to stop the .poisoning, the shooting, and .habitat destruction 4 5
hundreds of species use the .prairie ecosystem 1 m6
.to protect our prairie .friends.. is our mission 4 5 4 5 1

some prairie dogs are .singing optimistics 4 5
other prairie dogs are .gentle sophistics 4 m6
some prairie dogs are .comic artistics 4 5
each one of you (helps) .makes the
prairie .sweet and so magnific 5 4 5 1

fox owls weasels snakes black-footed ferets
hawks eagles lizards coyote rabbits
critters like these need the prairie dog ecosystem 1 m6
so protecting our prairie friends is our mission

some prairie dogs are feisty linguistics
other prairie dogs are star eyed romantics
some prairie dogs are stoic egotistics
(that’s right yippe yi)
yess, every cynomys (sigh-no-mees) has it’s own characteristics

buffalo mouse elk kestrel antelope
sandpiper swallow dove deer toad
these animals love the prairie dog ecosystem 1 m6
so protecting our prairie friends is our mission

we stand together as the prairie dog coalition
to enact and enforce laws for the prairies protection
we call on people and businesses’ compassion
yeah!! protecting our gentle prairie friends is our mission

with yippe yii the prairie dog

Prairie Dog Coalition

For the benefit of treasured wildlife, the Prairie Dog Coalition protects prairie dogs and restores their ecosystems. They provide information and advocacy training and promote conservation projects.

They are an alliance of non-profit organizations, concerned citizens, and scientists dedicated to the protection of prairie dogs and restoration of prairie dog ecosystems. Join and support them at


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