Use Rebel Actions, Strikes and your Talent to Get 4 Million Big Climate Pledges Every Day


Let's use our Extinction Rebellion actions and Climate Strikes to get 4 Million Big Climate Action Pledges Every Day. And then, let's Honor people for those pledges. [So our planet will not lose 45% of all life by 2025.]

To help get 4 Million Big Climate Action Pledges Every Day for our biosphere::

+ Ask people to make a specific Big Climate Action Pledge when you Rebel and Strike in government offices, on the street and in businesses.

+ Then Honor those people for their Pledges with a gift, with your talents and/or with an award. Some ways to Honor include a poem, story, song, art, victory dance, blessing, cartwheel, a cheer and an XOEarth Award.

+ Do a solo Rebel Action or a Climate Strike on your own every day, unless you are doing a group action.

Big Climate Actions that you can ask people to Pledge to take [if you like em]

+ Volunteer 200 minutes a day with your fave climate change fighting organizations or projects. /HERO
+ Invest and donate 24% of what you make or your business's net profit to your fave climate change fighting organizations or projects. /INVEST
+ Eat a plant-based vegan diet, and help others go vegan as well. /VEGAN
+ Carbon offset emissions at $800 a ton. /INVEST
+ Rebel or Strike every day. /REBEL
+ More Big Climate Action ideas are on the HERO page.
+ Plus, add your fave Big Climate Actions that you ask people to Pledge to take in a comment below and on our XOEarth facebook page to inspire us and others.

Asking for Big Climate Action Pledges and then honoring those pledges can result in more accountability. Plus, adding Pledge and Honor can make Rebel and Strike actions more fun, especially on our solo days.

It's important to honor people when they pledge less than the specific big climate pledges suggested, as those smaller pledges make a difference too. Nonetheless, it's ok to remind others that if everyone only takes small climate actions it will not be enough to save our sweet biosphere.

So have fun using Pledge and Honor to power up your daily Rebel or Strike actions to get peeps in businesses, in our governments and on the streets to promise us face-to-face to take major ecological actions so there will be fewer Climate Change Monsters to mess up our towns tomorrow.

Help your fave climate change organizations add Pledge and Honor

If you have not already, consider joining these superb climate action organizations that organize crucial non-violent protests and actions::
+ Extinction Rebellion
+ Sunrise Movement
+ Greenpeace USA
+ Sierra Club
+ Fridays For Future
+ Rising Tide North America
+ Extinction Rebellion International
+ Global Climate Strike
+ XOEarth on facebook [yes that's us] .

Let's get 4 Million Big Climate Action Pledges for our sweet Earth!

Rebel and Strike Actions

+ Can be as easy as holding a postcard sized sign or tag in the middle of a sidewalk.
+ Can be as short as a few minutes, or as long as hours and days.
+ Can be a simple stand-in, sit-in, low in stress, inspiring and quite fun.
+ Can be done with small or big signs or wearable tags. Variations include necklace signs made with a heavy paper and a string necklace, or tiny signs held on forks or chopsticks. [Sign and Tag Tips].
+ Can be designed to have a low chance or high chance of being arrested.
+ Can be and should be non-violent. The importance of non-violence is detailed by Extinction Rebellion.
+ Can include an offering to people for not buying or selling Earth killing, un-ethical products.
+ Can be a good video, picture and media and then social networking sharing opportunity.
+ Can be a business block, product block or roadblock.
+ Can be challenging, daring, confronting and scary, or not at all.
+ Can be a request to a customer to make a promise to not buy an environmentally destructive or inhumane product.
+ Can be a request to a business owner or manager to promise to not sell an environmentally destructive or inhumane product.
+ Include a request that the person sign their signature on an award to acknowledge their pledge. The person - such as a business owner - gets to keep the award.
+ Can be a lot of fun.

So let's have peacefully and boldly going into businesses and governments to ask people to make big climate action pledges. Let's have a good time demanding big climate action pledges on sidewalks and streets when we block or protest. Let's lovingly go in and ask for big climate action commitments from people sitting in restaurants, shopping in stores, sitting in their offices and outside doing their work. Let's bravely and non-violently stand in the doorways of businesses and governments to call on big climate action.

Imagine millions of us standing and sitting everyday in the way to slow down the river of destruction by governments, businesses and consumers while asking for big climate action in return for our honorings.

Sign and Tag wording ideas

+ Saturday: LESS GASOLINE = LESS EXTINCTION (sign or tag) "Stand with me [us] if you use as little gasoline and jet fuel as possible, and you carbon offset." (call or chant)
+ Sunday: LESS MEAT = LESS CLIMATE MONSTERS "Please eat organic and plant based as much as possible to help slow down climate change."
+ Monday: SINGLE USE PLASTIC IS MURDER. REUSABLE SERVICEWARE IS LIFE. "Sit with me us if you avoid plastic bag use, avoid over-packaged products and bring reusable drink containers and service ware."
+ Tuesday: ECO LOGICAL CAREERS = MORE LIVABLE EARTH "Please make your job as ecological as possible, or quit and get an eco-logical job."
+ Wednesday: CARBON OFFSET = LESS DEATH = MORE FUN "Please carbon offset and/or support organizations that fight climate change."
+ Thursday: LESS FOSSIL FUELS = MORE FUN TIMES "Take a stand with us if you carpool, bus, walk, live close to work and use alternative transportation."
+ Friday: ECO VOLUNTEER + ECO DONATE + ECO VOTE = ECO LOGICAL "Stand with us if you volunteer or donate to environmental organizations and candidates."
More ideas and news about these protests is on our XOEarth Facebook, Twitter and below.

Sign and Tag making tips

Whether it is a big sign that you hold or a small tag that you wear around your neck, these are important tools to get your climate action messages out there, and help build the global climate action movement.

Even a small quarter page necklace tag can work well if you want to do a subtle Rebel or Strike. Plus, that little sign can duplicated to be used as a quarter page flyer that you can give out to passersby and others.

Our Tats + Tags + Style page has a lot of fun ideas about how to make small and big wearable necklace Tags [signs].

These necklace Tags can be made with heavy paper or stiff fabric and a string necklace. To make one, get a 6" x 9" a piece of heavy paper, fold it in half, make your climate action tag, then hang it over a long string or yarn necklace that is about 14.5" inches long. This tag can be worn while a person is doing errands, work, play and school. Because this necklace tag can be flipped up, it can be used like 4 signs. If needed, put a paper clip, clothespin or binder clip on the bottom of the sign to keep the tag flat. The necklace tag is one of Stele's faves.

A small postcard sized sign can be mounted like a flag on a chopstick or a straw by using a small binder clip, tape or paper clip. Or by making 2 small holes in the sign and threading the chopstick through the holes.

A little sign can also be mounted like a flag on a fork, by weaving the card in and out of the tines. See pic right.

A ball-cap hat with a sign can be made with little binder clips. Just flip the bill up and attach the sign to the front with the binder clip. See pic right.

Share pics of your Rebel or Strike signs, tags and props to our XOEarth Facebook, and your Facebook, social networks and beyond.

Check out these styling ways to wear a sign or tag so you can have your hands free to get and honor pledges at a Rebel or Strike action, in public every day, or at work. [Tats Tags Style]

Script, dialog and chant ideas

+ "Stand with me to show that you oppose oil drilling in the arctic, the oceans and the forests..."
+ "Thanks for using less gasoline and fossil fuels to help our biosphere live longer so we can have more fun..."
+ "Stand with us if you promise to burn less fossil fuels this year to slow down climate change..."
+ "Stand with me if you promise to take actions to slow down that climate change monster this year..."
+ "Stand with me to show that try hard to use less gas, plastic and electricity so we can keep it in the ground..."
+ "Stand with us if you promise to eat less meat this year to help stop the climate change, hurricanes, fires and floods..."
+ "Please promise to not buy [a specific product name here] that is killing our biosphere."
+ "Please promise to not sell [a specific product] that is killing our biosphere."
+ "Please help or encourage your business to [state an specific action that is sustainable, humane and equitable]."

4 Million Big Climate Pledges Every Day

We are going to have to go BIG or we will go EXTINCT. So let's get 4 Million Big Climate Pledges everyday to stop the BIG climate change monsters that are trying to kill our Mother Earth.

In fact, if our sweet Earth's biosphere could talk, it would probably agree and even say, "Do you really love me? You DO?! Then please DO ask at get your peeps in businesses and governments to make a new or reaffirmed big climate pledge every day. Because, yesss, I think that if you humans can get 4 Million Big Climate Pledges Every Day for me, the eco logical actions that those people take will keep me cool enough that this nasty fever won't get a lot worse. Help me and I'll help you keep your Earth-life-party-thing going."

Rebel in businesses and governments

Before doing a Rebel block or protest action at or in a business or government, consider asking the peeps to pledge to start taking a specific Earth saving action, or to stop taking a specific Earth killing action. Ask them to sign a promise to do so. The pledge agreement does not have to be typed or fancy. An agreement that is handwritten is fine.

If the government official, business owner or manager promises to take the requested action, ask them to sign two copies of the pledge. One copy for them and one for you to share via social networks.

Then thank the person for agreeing to take the specific eco action and give them an XOEarth Award. In some way, celebrate with them for a moment, sing them a song, recite a poem or offer them some other kind of honoring.

If apropos, if it is a business that has pledged, buy something from that business.

Show the signed pledge to passersby on the street, invite them to thank the government official or business owner/manager.

If the government official or business owner/manager does not agree to the requests, but say they will consider the request, then say, "OK, will you please sign that you are going to evaluate this request?" If they say yes, then write these words on the bottom of the statement. "Big Climate Pledge to Consider. The (government official or business owner) of this business agrees that that they will consider this request to take [specific big climate action here]."

If apropos, share a picture of the signed agreement with social networks.

If a government official or business owner/manager says they will NOT stop taking the action that hurts our planet and the people, and will NOT sign an agreement to consider the request, THEN (while in front of the owner/ manager) on the bottom of the pledge write the date and a statement that the owner (or manager) has declined to sign this pledge. Sign your name. Then ask the business owner or manager sign.

When a Rebel action is a protest against a business or government, block an area or a representative fraction thereof on the sidewalk in front of the organization that represents the loss of habitat potential due to the Earth harming action that the business takes. Use XOEarth EcoFX to calculate or estimate that area. Walk around, stand on the border or sit in that area.

Rebel actions must be done peacefully when inside or outside of any business or government office.

It is crucial that we ask businesses and governments everyday face-to-face to promise to NOT buy, sell or support unsustainable products or programs, and honor them FOR selling or supporting sustainable and ethical products and programs.

It is important that we ask people eye-to-eye in businesses and governments everyday to promise to take actions to operate sustainably.

It is important that we ask people eye-to-eye in businesses to donate 24% of their profits to projects or environmental organizations that are protecting and restoring our damaged biosphere.

It is vital that we remind people in power everyday that they have the power to help extend the life of this exquisite planet so we can all have more fun.

Even if you don't know if the person that you are talking to or who is passing by is taking a specific action, you may want to say or call out, "Thanks for [specific big climate action]." Hopefully they will consider taking that action because you have thanked them in advance for that action.

Use to show people in a business or government office how many square meters or square yards of habitat is being lost due to their unsustainable actions or due to them selling an unsustainable product.

XOEarth Honors has a bunch of fun ways to use your talents to honor businesses and others once they have pledged to take or have taken the ecological action that you have asked them to take.


+ Sunrise Movement .org
+ Rising Tide North America .org
+ Greenpeace USA
+ Extinction Rebellion International
+ XOEarth Facebook
+ XOXOEarth Twitter
+ XOEarth Honors
+ XOEarth Award
+ XOEarth ecofx

Rebel Strike Pledge Honor

Rebel for all beings of the future
Strike for all life that loves to live
Pledge for all children not yet born
Honor for all lovers yet to kiss
For humankind, forest-kind, swimming-kind, flying-kind, tree kind, ocean-kind
I honor you for dedicating 200 minutes a day to stop the climate change monsters,
I honor you for investing 24% in environmental organizations and projects that help keep us cool,
I honor you for only accepting a job that heals the planet,
I honor you for eating vegan and helping others eat vegan too
Rebel for all the life that loves to live,
Strike for all the fish that love to swim,
Pledge for all the kids that want to play
Honor for all the moose that want to bugle
Rebel for all the owls that like to fly
Strike for all bees yet to buzz
Pledge for all trees yet to bloom
Honor for all lovers yet to kiss
I honor you for not using single use plastic, burning very little gasoline, not accepting a job that kills our earth
Rebel for all beings of the future
Strike for all life that loves to live
Pledge for all children not yet born
Honor for all lovers yet to kiss
~ s

Musicians and Artists:: Record or create a Rebel, Strike, Pledge or Honor song, video, art, dance or media and we'll put it here or on the environmental songs page.
Fans:: Donate big time to sponsor our Rebel or Strike work.








June 24, 2019 - New York, New York, United States - Member of 350Brooklyn on the steps of NY City Hall. -On June 24, 2019, climate activists and NYC Council members held a rally on the steps of City Hall, New York,  in support of Resolution 0864-2019 which, if passed, would declare a climate emergency and call for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe climate.  New York City would join over 657 other countries, cities, and towns worldwide that have already declared a climate emergency. (Credit Image: © Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire)








Mississauga Grade 12 student Stephanie Vienneau says Canada "can afford to put our resources to stop the rise in global temperature."




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