Resilience Vs The Zombie Apocalypse


ReDuce ReUse ReSilience, and Resilience Vs The Zombie Apocalypse.

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Let's Not Reinvent Our Vulnerabilities::
The point here is that our current energy system is fragile beyond belief, with any number of potential real-world disruptions ranging from political upheaval through earthquakes to explosions and oil spills. As we seek to transition to a low carbon economy, we'd be missing a trick if we didn't also seek to build a culture that's just a little smarter and more resilient than its predecessor.

And that means thinking beyond sustainability.

Sure, piping in solar energy from the deserts may help us reach our CO2 reduction goals, but such centralized, distant sources of power should not be our only way to keep the lights on and the hospitals running. From war to internal political turmoil to an unexpected zombie apocalypse, there are too many risks to be putting all of our eggs in one basket.

Quoting Sami Grover via Treehugger:
More at: Save Us From Ourselves: Is Resilience the Key to Making Sustainability Mainstream?

Moving Beyond Doing the Right Thing
The green design/consumerism movement of the first decade of this millennium spoke to a niche audience. An audience that was motivated by "doing the right thing", and that was willing to pay a premium to reduce their impact. (Or to look like a better person, depending on your perspective.) It helped make clean energy mainstream. It helped green a significant number of buildings. It helped revive farmers markets and local food systems. And it probably sold a whole bunch of organic bamboo yoga mats too. But despite the overwhelming evidence that we are headed for dangerous climate disruption, few of us (including most environmentalists) were willing to make really major sacrifices.

Resilience is a little different as a motivating factor. Rather than appealing to our environmental consciences, it appeals to our self-interest, and to our social consciences as parents, spouses, neighbors and community members. It makes the case for why sustainability is not just about "doing the right thing" by the planet, but about covering our own asses too.

More from this Sami Grover article at The Difference Between Resilience & Sustainability? A Zombie Apocalypse

From Wikipedia:Resilience
Resilience is the property of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically and then, upon unloading to have this energy recovered. In other words, it is the maximum energy per unit volume that can be elastically stored. It is represented by the area (integral) under the curve in the elastic region (the initial, linear portion) of the stress-strain curve; this quantity is also known as the elastic potential energy of a material.
The modulus of resilience is defined as the energy that can be absorbed per unit volume without creating a permanent distortion. It can be calculated by integrating the stress-strain curve from zero to the elastic limit.


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Surfing the Waves of Change:: - Surfing the Waves of Change is an animation exploring the idea of community resilience using the metaphor of a surfer to explain how communities can make themselves more resilient in these changing times. This project is supported by The Carnegie UK Trust, Comhar Media Fund and Trocaire.

Animation By: Ben McDonald
Music and soundtrack by: Conor Mc Manamly



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