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XOEarth School of Song and Arts is a place for youngsters, grownups, musicians and non-musicians to explore, create and record music, art and video for the benefit our biosphere, humankind and other critters.

Our School of Song and Arts believes that everyone who deeply loves this planet has a song inside that has the potential to help make our planet a better place. We want to help musicians and non-musicians create the songs, art and media our world needs to help inspire eco actions around the world.

For example, XOEarth music teachers offer tutoring, classes, workshops, shows and online classes to help lovers of the Earth develop their inner eco music potential via songwriting, instrument instruction (including guitar, keyboard and fiddle), voice and performance coaching.

We have single or multi day tutoring, classes and workshops can come to you, your college, K-12 class or group.

Stele Ely, is the founder and an instructor at XOEarth School of Song and Arts in Boulder Colorado.

If you are not in Boulder, contact us and we look into tutoring or running a workshop in your area.

Whether a person wants to help our planet by writing their own eco tunes or by performing the eco tunes written by others, XOEarth School aims to make it a reveling and magical journey.

For songwriters, we can help you get your creative eco muse on. Whether the song form is a love song, a life song, a pure environmental song and/or a future song, we want to help you write, polish and perform that world changing song that is inside of you.

Stele Ely and other music instructors will help you learn to play that guitar, teach you some cool music theory that will make it all easier, and give you feedback when appropriate.

We can also help you record your song and or video so you can get it out for the world, your friends and others to enjoy. We want to help your song, art or video inspire others to make choices and take actions in their lives that will make our Earth a better place.

Email or call Stele Ely via the Contact page to get started today so we can get that song or art that's in your heart out to the world -- and have fun while we are at it.

Notes:: Some Boulder Colorado classes are held at Stele's home on Stanford Ave. Inside and outside there are nice places to study, write an eco tune and create art that might help millions on our blue orb.

If you are not in the Boulder area, aspects of Stele's songwriting help and instruction can be done online, by phone, skype or email. Lessons can be taught at your place as well.

So whether you are a musician, artist or not, give your inner Earth defender a chance to express itself for the planet's sake.

Music lessons include the free XOEarth Songbook.

Stele Ely
XOEarth Teacher

Teacher Stele dressed
up as XOEarth Man.
One of the looks
for the kid's classes.



About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs and make art with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our earth and slow down climate change. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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