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XOEarth Musicians and Performers::

1] *XOEarth Music, Eco Awards, Show And Videos* with XOEarth Man and Friends
Boulder, Colorado, 80305 72O.34O.8O8O
emaiI greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com
rates from $35+ per show, custom song or custom video

A lot of fun whether it’s a live performance or via a custom video – with upbeat environmental songs, environmental awards and ecological super heros in this XOEarth event.

This eco award show with Stele Ely, aka XOEarth Man, is available for performances at schools, businesses and special events, or via custom videos.

The basic show includes a bunch of romantic and witty environmental folk/bluegrass songs, punctuated by short eco humor an quick eco stories to spice things up.

Songs played may include:
On The Clothesline
Under The Rainbow
The Earth Is Our Mother
Bike’n Groovy / Eat’n Groovy
Walk The Talk
To Bee
Wolverine Dreams
My World
350 parts per million
For All The Life

We can also sing songs as part of a little *Green Award* ceremony to honor members of the audience for their eco actions. If the organizers, employers or teachers tell us in advance about the eco actions that one or more of the audience have taken, we will sing a custom eco song to thank the person. When it feels right, we bring the person on stage to hear their song.

A signed EarthE Award will be given to the person after the song is sung. This good looking award can be framed if wanted.

Optionally, other members of the group may be invited to give their own EarthE Award, talent show style, to honor the person. This works best if we have advance notice and can choreograph their entrance on stage.

Sometimes, to top off the award, we can add other fun “eco awards” to the mix, like an XOEarth quote, a talking animal, an XOEarth cartwheel and eco magic tricks.

In another version of the show, XOEarth Man composes and sings improvisational songs for the audience members based on an animal they pick from inside a ten-foot Earth, or based on an eco action they have taken. The group gets the chance to guide the song’s lyrics and message as it evolves into a song for the planet.

Audience members become part owners of the copyright of the new songs.

The audience is also invited to sing-along and play rhythm instruments that are available.

All the improv songs are recorded so that Stele can add the lyrics and tune to the XOEarth.org blog, if they are good ones. Audience members are invited to visit the blog and watch their songs grow and eventually be recorded if the song is worthy. Audience members can also help co-write the song online if they choose. Songs from other shows and other eco musicians are also on the blog.

Some (or all) of the audience members may be given their own XOEarth Hero names that they can use power up they eco hero actions. This magic, XOEarth hero name is based on their favorite animal, favorite plant and their first name.

Some (or all) of the audience members can be given little EarthE Awards to honor them for their eco actions.

To schedule this XOEarth Show with XOEarth Man, contact Stele Ely in Boulder, Colorado at 72O.34O.8O8O or emaiI greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com.

[Other eco musicians and performers can be found on the XOEarth Open Mic article and calendar.]

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