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Hello Friends and Visitors,

Services I offer include XOEarth eco shows, massage therapy, music lessons and music therapy.

My work as both a massage therapist and music teacher focuses on my clients' personal growth, physical health, life empowerment, and eco-fun-ology.

Stele Ely
it's me, Stele Ely

I hope you'll peruse my services via the links and below, and then call to talk about these journeys for your body, mind and spirit.

The fun eco show I do as XOEarth Man is great for for schools, events, weddings and parties. These shows can include custom songs and an environmental awards ceremony.

I do a fair bit of website and graphic design work, so if you have needs in those areas give me a call.

I offer simple outdoor yoga and outdoor personal training and on local trails and in parks that is ultra fun too.

For my sobo neighbors, I do eco handyman work as well.

Enter to win a free massage by posting an environmental action you have taken for planet Earth in the last month on XOEarth's facebook timeline, and then sharing it on your wall. 1 in 10 entries will win, up to 4 per month.

Even if you don't win, get a 10% discount on your next massage or other service from me for your environmental action and eco comment.

For all the life, Stele Ely
Boulder, CO 80305

ps: bigger bio.

      GreenDreamz ~ XOEarth School with Guitar, Songwriting,
            Voice, Ukulele & Keyboard Lessons

My GreenDreamz music lessons help youngsters, grownups, musicians and non-musicians to explore, create and record music that will help make our planet a better place for humankind and other critters.

I offer tutoring, classes, workshops and shows to help lovers of the Earth develop their inner eco music potential via songwriting, instrument instruction (including guitar, keyboard and fiddle), voice and performance coaching.

Those who want to learn the guitar or piano will be able to play a cool song after one or two lessons.

For beginning guitar students, even soft fingers can have painless fun with a method that has been used by Joni Mitchel, George Harrison, Richie Havens and other great musicians.

We will make some time to study a little music theory and poetics so you can write your own songs. If you would like, I will help you write or co-write a song for someone, for a special celebration, to help make our world a better place, and/or for your personal goals.

I can help you perform and record a song that you write. We'll to lay down your or our tracks and turn them into an MP3, CD and maybe even a video.

If we compose a song you like, we can dedicate it to someone as a gift, and can add their name to the copyright certificate to give to them along with an MP3 and CD.

Then we can upload your song to your or my music website for your friends and the world to hear.

So explore your musical side for fun, for love, for the planet and/or for your own growth.

My guided GreenDreamz songwriting and music lessons are a great addition to before and after school programs K-12. College classes in music, writing, environment and science can benefit from my guided songwriting as well. Weekly classes work well. Each GreenDreamz student gets a chance to write and perform their own songs, or sing and play instruments with others on a song.

I can create an educational show for specific academic material if the instructor or program director gives me a few days of lead-time.

I also perform eco music shows for all ages that are focused on various nature or environmental subjects. For little and big kids, I sing nature stories using various nature picture books while singing and playing the guitar. I add voice created sound effects and invite the audience to participate as characters in the stories.

For more about my music lessons and performances, see GreenDreamz ~ XOEarth School.

Some of my songs can be heard at

                      Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage and music therapy have all been part of my life since for years.

As a massage therapist, my goal is to help clients to synergize their life forces in order to achieve their physical, personal, professional and ecological goals. In all cases, these massages are intended to provide a space for the client's meditative exploration.

Massage modalities I offer include Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Meditative Massage, Range Of Motion Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Massage, Prenatal Massage, Thai Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage, and Swedish Massage.

Massages are available via house calls, my office, and chair massage in business offices. My massage tables are heated if needed. Beautiful meditative music accompanies massages.

My work experience includes several years at the 5 star Aspen Club Spa and Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen. As a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, I have pledged and abided by the ABMP code of professional ethics.

If the client would like, the massage can include psychological and meta-physical journeying – such as custom music, poetry, totem and earth connection work.

The massages that integrate custom music, poetry and journeying can be recorded as MP3’s or put on a CD for the client’s use.

With any of these modalities, it is my intention to enable clients to synergize their life forces in order to achieve their physical, personal, professional and/or eco goals.

At the client's request, I can include my intuitive poetry and song for a more meta-physical and psychological experience. This intuitive poetry and song can be guided by the client's input. These sessions can be recorded as mp3 or on CD for the client's later use.

My work experience includes 15 years at the 5 star Aspen Club Spa and Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen. As a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, I have pledged and abide by the ABMP code of professional ethics for over 15 years. [Full resume.]

Massages are available via house calls, my office, and chair massage in business offices or at Whole Foods Baseline. My massage tables are heated if needed. Meditative music accompanies massages in my office.

I am also offering unique music journeys and ecological journeys that can be integrated into a massage if the client wishes. See Music Journeys below.

After over a decade and a half of massage therapy, I am still very honored to help people attain an empowering balance between body, mind, spirit, humankind and our planet.

Nate is one of my clients and the endorsement he wrote - without my request - states: Stele always gives more than he takes. His massages use a lot of different techniques and he works on most of the body. Every time I see him, it seems like he's learned something new. Great pressure, feedback method by wiggling your thumbs or fingers. Just an overall great experience!

Call to schedule one of these body, mind and spirit journeys today.

Here is my massage pledge:
As A Member Of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, I, Stele Ely, Hereby Pledge To Abide By The ABMP Code Of Professional Ethics.
= I shall endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times and to provide the highest quality service possible.
= I shall maintain clear and honest communications with my clients and shall keep client communications confidential.
= I shall acknowledge the limitations of my skills and, when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate qualified health care professional.
= I shall practice honesty in advertising, promote my services ethically and in good taste, and practice and/or advertise only those techniques for which I have received adequate training and/or certification. I shall not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of the techniques rendered.

My ABMP page is at

                      Music Therapy

My intuitive, spontaneous and fun song and poetry journeying is based on a client's personal, professional, spiritual or ecological goals.

The first step is identifying the goal(s) that the client has for the music therapy session - such as helping achieve a specific personal goal.

The next step is usually the creation of positive statements and psychological tools that the client can use to attain their personal goal(s). The client and I work together to create these tools.

With these tools and statements in mind, the client and I create the lyrics for their song(s). This co-writing process may be structured or intuitive, depending on what works best for the client.

Once the song lyrics and melody have been created, the music is then sung live by me or played from a recording for the client during their music therapy session or meditation. The recorded song may be a duet by myself and the client, or a solo by either the client or myself.

These sessions are recorded for the client's later use, to share with others and/or to help our planet, when applicable..

In many sessions, the client and I work together to create a poetic statement and psychological affirmation that will empower the client in the attainment of their goals while also benefiting our planet Earth.

The client and I will play with the affirmations by reciting, singing or chanting the poetry and lyrics. The recorded affirmations may be done as a duet, or a solo by either the client or myself.

The sessions can be accompanied by me playing the guitar or keyboard or other instruments.

If we decide that the recording and/or the re-recorded version could benefit others and/or our planet, it may be added to, YouTube and/or ReverbNation.

These music, poetry and/or ecological journeys can be integrated into a massage session if a client would like. If the spontaneous recorded song or poetry session sounds good, the client and I will decide whether or not to release the recording to, YouTube and/or ReverbNation.

My studies in Ericksonian psychology and ecopsychology helps guide this work.

                        Outdoor Yoga
    & Outdoor Personal Training

My client's personalized outdoor training sessions [usually in the Flatirons] are designed to maximize upper, lower and core body training or post rehabilitation goals.

My simple yoga coaching and yoga partner work is good for those looking for a little variety in their workouts and practice. Easy, safe and meditative asanas.

In training, I use various rubber stretch bands [the ones used by physical therapists], sticks, rocks, and natural features in nature to create a fully balanced workout session.

My personalized outdoor training sessions [usually in the Flatirons] are designed to maximize upper and lower body training, or to achieve post rehabilitation goals. I use various rubber stretch bands [the ones used by physical therapists], sticks, rocks, and natural features in nature to create a fully balanced workout session. I often weave some rad ecology and biology facts into these awesome workouts.

      Eureka Website Design
            Eureka Graphic Design

XOEarth VOX logo / earth voices and creatives unite
Taking a public and united stand for the biosphere is a crucial aspect of protecting it. So let's get 1 million eco citizens to put on the XO or XOe by 2012 -- kiss green, hug blue!

The EarthE Honors mission is to manifest a world that honors people for helping the planet, and stops rewarding those who hurt it.
Aston-Patterning / A comprehensive system-oriented approach to neuromuscular issues

I love designing logos and trademarks. One part of me says I should not charge for designing logos -- because it is such a groovey journey and an important part of branding. But, another part of me says 30 an hour -- this week anyway.

Examples of my work are below and all around

Oh Baby! I can take your graphic and design needs and ideas, and turn them into reality. Maybe I should not charge for design as it is still so much fun. But, hey, you need some great design work, and I need to pay a few bills. So I am charging 30 an hour -- this month anyway.

If you need a website designed or graphics for a small business or media project give me a call. Yes, I am the jolly guy with the dancing glasses in the picture. I can help you maintain your site and can teach you how to update it yourself if you want to. has links to a bunch of my own websites and graphic design projects.

Examples of my work for others include,, LukeAddingtonTherapist and Vida Verde.

Draw, paint or sew a blue or green XO
repping the XOE

I do some PR for environmental organizations through my XOEarth Public Relations ~ xoepr project. If you are interested, check out my XOEarth Public Relations page that summarizes some of the strategies I have learned and developed.

Computer Repair ::
If your computer needs repaired, upgraded, networked or de-bugged give me a call - especially if you are in the neighborhood. My work includes in-home networking, router setups, virus repair and building custom computers from the box up.


When I was just a sprout of seven I would watch my peaceful inventor/ artist Papa turn "pieces of junk" into beautiful functional art. The things that he created always had so much more style and personality that the stuff we could buy in stores. So I wanted to be an inventor-artist.

Stele The Nerd
Stele The Nerd

By the time I was youngster of twelve, I knew well my Dad's kindness that extended to many life forms - wild or domesticated - including trees, flowers and bugs. I liked that Dad would use found materials to create cool looking little gardens in our yard.

I also liked using my magnifying glass to find the insects and other small creatures that enjoyed living in the little oasises that my dad made and other places. I would try to figure out what they were up to, and what they meant to us and us to them. I loved these journeys and always wanted to find out more about Mother nature, so without knowing what the word was, I wanted to be an ecologist too.

My Aunt Gladys was a massage therapist. From about the time I was a whipper-snapper of nine, I remember my little Aunt Gladys telling me that the sometimes painful muscle treatments that she gave her clients were good for the internal organs, joints and muscles. For many years, the foot and hand treatments that she gave me with her strong hands made me feel good too. Aunt Gladys seemed to be some kind of doctor. So I wanted to be a doctor too, except I wanted to be the type of Doctor that had an x-ray machine and all those other cool tools that "real" Doctors seem to have.

I could tell that the massage that Aunt Gladys was doing was done sincerely and for the health and happiness of her clients. So because I wanted to be a Doctor, over the years my Aunt Gladys started helping me get a head start by teaching me anatomy, physiology and about medical conditions. Of course, she also taught me various massage techniques and principles along the way. She would test me on what she taught as well. She believed that people could often stay healthy without surgery and medicines. Ok, so then decided I wanted to be a Doctor that also did massage.

Well, time goes on. I moved away from the old hometown many years ago... but those early experiences are still very evident in my life.

Thanks to Dad, my inventor-artist self still loves to create useful things from "un-usable junk".

My ecologist self is still fascinated daily by the beauty and mystery of those things I can see with a magnifying lupe in the fields. And in my desire to help protect both the small, medium and large life forms in our priceless biosphere, I use music and other media to create more awareness and funds that will help protect it.

Although I did not get to use all those fancy tools that only Doctors get to use, I did get a nursing license and worked in hospitals for a few years. That experience has taught me that preventive medicine - including "preventative environmental medicine" - is a very critical approach for long-term health.

Today, after my studies and working as a Certified Massage Therapist for over 15 years, I feel blessed to be in a profession that focuses on helping people stay healthy so that they may continue to celebrate this priceless life.

My dear Papa is still ecologically tending his yard and gardens, and creating recycled forms that follow function. Keep at it Dear Papa.

And finally, throughout my entire life, my sweet Mom has gently taught me by example the value of love and acceptance. I thank her for the nurturing trust that honored my choices and that helped many of my dreams come true.


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