Wolverine Dreams 5

.one wolverine dreams A
.of slow voles, and dead things 3Bm
.to savor .tummy .yummies 3C#m 3D A
drink waters so pristine
with no lead or mercury
.that dirty .coal is histo.ry

To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover

To Bee 10

> XOEarth Playlist Play > *To Bee* mp3 To Bee / stele c10 (thanks Angela) honey conjured for their babies E F#m Abm F#m pollen fetched for the queen E F#m Abm F#m rousing flowers with their kisses […]


Pick Up America

Play> *Pick Up America .im* mp3 Pick Up America stelec12 & PUA members Pick it Up America we can’t let it go down the drain lot of useful things out there were acting like we don’t even care […]


Sweet Green Grass 1

> XOEarth Playlist Play/Download *Sweet Green Grass* Sweet Green Grass / stele ely & michelle pitcher c12 [sponsor us] I think somewhere is sweet green grass /bm e and fresh air I smell in my dreams /bm f#m7 […]


Wicked Tooth

Play> *Wicked Tooth Narwhal .im* mp3. The ivory tusk coming out of the head of the narwhal comes from a front tooth. That makes it kind of a cool wicked tooth. I think the this song is calling […]

Snake Road Flickr gainesp2003

Snake On The Road

Play> Snake On The Road .im.mp3 Snake On The Road improv. stele 12 snake is living over there he needs to get some food somewhere so he crosses the road to eat his dinner snake goes back and […]


Green Freedom

Play> *Green Freedom Im* mp3 Green Freedom stele.c12 hello lovers of life, green freedom fight for your life to have a sublime time do the eco vision things so your heart and soul can sing as a peaceful […]


Porcupine Poke

Play> *Porcupine Poke* mp3 pinecone, glass shards, nails, dead rotten tomato, cacti, bubble gum, dog poo, picture porcupine, rotten egg, stinky socks, used toilet paper, thumb tacks, There was a porcupine named Pokesi that was bummed about climate […]


Close To Home

Play> Close To Home .im .mp3 Close To Home /stele c12 can you hear the future today can you hear the rainforest say work close to home, get in the ecozone work close to home, get in the […]

Paper Bag Tree via via jumphigh / eddiejdf

Take It Back

Play> *Take It Back* mp3 Take It Back Take It Back stele c12 with thanks to Elizabeth and Jinju little kits sitting on a hill mother fox says hey little foxes, sit very still the sweet night you […]

Zebra Baby Mom River Flickr By Mammal 640

Run Zebra Run 1

Play> *Run Zebra Run* mp3 Run Zebra Run stele c12 way over in Africa when the mornings are sweet the zebras go running around zebra town here’s what they are singing hey everybody in America thankyou for using […]