Gnarly Tree Sunset Silouette 1
Play> *Passion Tree* mp3 Passion Tree / stele ely c2010 touch my .bright green .leaves not .high /c dm7 em c although a sapling .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7 live to .give to .one you .love /c dm7 em c oxygen and .weather .divine /dm7 c dm7 so water […]

Passion Tree 5
.one wolverine dreams A .of slow voles, and dead things 3Bm .to savor .tummy .yummies 3C#m 3D A drink waters so pristine with no lead or mercury .that dirty .coal is histo.ry

Wolverine Dreams

marcellus_hydraulic_graphic_090514-1[1] 20
Fracking Gasholes by XOEarth Play> *Fracking Gasholes* mp3 Fracking Gasholes /stele ely c12 [Sponsor this song] 5 million gallons injected per well aquifers wasted, tastes like hell for all the life that loves to live demand a law, kill the drill fracking gasholes we know you know a million reasons […]

Fracking Gasholes

EARTHglobsmitAAAA 2
Play> PolarBearsJive.mp3 Polar Bears Jive stele c12 [sponsor here] bowhead whales boogie, polar bears jive, when the people say no dice /d em f#m g no leaving it to chance, no oil will spill, no drills in the arctic seas today the ocean beings will dance their dance, to celebrate […]

Whales Dance

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Play 350 CO2 PPM .mp3 > 350 CO2 PPM stele c12 3.50 .eee, .so .nifty .eee, our rad planet .needs, 3.50 .eee 1 4 5 c f g CO2 parts per .million .to make our climate .fun f g x2 so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, […]

350 CO2 PPM

Play> *Wicked Tooth Narwhal .im* mp3. The ivory tusk coming out of the head of the narwhal comes from a front tooth. That makes it kind of a cool wicked tooth. I think the this song is calling to be rewritten and recorded to include this narwhal tooth fact. Wicked […]

Wicked Tooth

Play> Its Too Hot Dub .mp3 It’s Too Hot parody stele c12 / original by George Brown of Kool And The Gang 2 million years we were in love earthly sweethearts homo sapiens was brand new we took your gifts but traveled light living simply, for the life i remember […]

It’s Too Hot