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Play> *Home Om* mp3 Home Om stele c10 home. around the sun she fly-ah D G [close in] (open d) om magic waters, rocks and .sky-ah A D home 2 million .species love the ride-ah D G / ome. A D archaea .pro.tista, bryophytes. bac.teria G A D, A G […]

Home Om

Play> *Hearts and Hands* mp3 Dedicated to co-operative farmer’s markets and co-op food stores. HEARTS AND .HANDS Stele c02 come hearts and .hands .in co-oper-ation d g a d for life and .planet harmoni-zation em a for community and family.crystalliz-ation d g bm for all creatures’. jubi-lation g a d […]

Hearts And Hands

To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover 10
Play >> *To Bee* mp3 To Bee / stele10 (with thanks to Angela) honey conjured for their babies E F#m Abm F#m pollen fetched for the queen E F#m Abm F#m rousing flowers with their kisses A Bm C#m D buzzing tunes on crystal wings E F#m Abm A to […]

To Bee

Play> *My World* mp3 *My World* by stele ely / Parody of *My Girl* by Otis Redding and the Temptations c f c f I love sunshine, I love a cloudy day c f c f love the snow outside, I love the rain in may c dm7 f g […]

My World

Play> *Pant Leg Up* mp3 Pant Leg Up / stele & jeffry c2010 your right calf, it was looking so fine that grease tat made me smile, it’s just like mine pant leg up, pedal pusher style pant leg up, wanna sike (bike/cycle) some miles? showing some love, your earthy […]

Pant Leg Up

Mommy Sandwich by ~PhotograTree~ on Flickr 2
Play> *For All The Life* mp3 *For All The Life* stele c2010 for all the (life) that loves to live, d g a for all the (life) that lives to love d g a I walk, skip, skate and bike, d g a carpool, run, bus, hitchhike d g a […]

For All The Life

5069278885_841b7a546f[2] 3
Play 350 CO2 PPM .mp3 > 350 CO2 PPM stele c12 3.50 .eee, .so .nifty .eee, our rad planet .needs, 3.50 .eee 1 4 5 c f g CO2 parts per .million .to make our climate .fun f g x2 so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, […]

350 CO2 PPM