To Bee Song Honey Bee Hover 10
Play >> *To Bee* mp3 To Bee / stele10 (with thanks to Angela) honey conjured for their babies E F#m Abm F#m pollen fetched for the queen E F#m Abm F#m rousing flowers with their kisses A Bm C#m D buzzing tunes on crystal wings E F#m Abm A to […]

To Bee

HappyCowsNaresaubur 1
Sweet Green Grass / stele ely & michelle pitcher c12 [sponsor here] I think somewhere is sweet green grass /bm e and fresh air I smell in my dreams /bm f#m7 though I have only known this stinking lot /bm e at this glooomy animal factory /bm f#m7 even if […]

Sweet Green Grass

Play> Seeds In My Pocket .im.mp3 Seeds In My Pocket .im stele c12 yeah i’m going to plant some seeds for the people that I love i’m going to the seed store and buy some seeds and put them in my pocket it will eco rule above seeds in my […]

Seeds In My Pocket

Play> *I Hear The Plants .im* mp3 I Hear The Plants stele c12 w/ cowriting and singing help from Alden Emerson Beckham I think I hear the plants calling calling me hey I’m thirsty, bring some water please I think I hear the plants calling calling me hey I’m hungry, […]

I Hear The Plants Calling

Grass-fed Beef: Is It Green, Humane, and Healthful? 5
Play> Wowzy Cowzy .mp3 Wowzy Cowzy stele c12 wowowzy (x2 for kids) I’m a .cow.wowzy c f c and I’m as a bree.ezy em am f g folks came to the animal factory the other day em I mooooed to say a little cow should get to play am […]

Wowzy Cowzy
Play> WalkTheTalk.mp3 by stele c10
walk the talk /a bm c#m
on my journey from here to there /e d
guided by heart(love) and ecology /e a
for all the life on land, in sea and air / e d
I go mindfully / c d a, cda

Walk The Talk photosPigHoovesHandsKnees
I put this song together to honor Miru Kim photo show. It is largely based on her statement about the The Pig That Therefore I Am show. For me her photos and my song calls on us all to take a stand against factory farming. Feel free to create another […]

The Pig That Therefore I Am

Hello Friends, Young farmers deserve a bunch of songs to honor them and get others to join in. The Greenhorns is a movie that talks about that. One young farmer has inferred that they don’t just raise wild tyme, they have a wild tyme. So, I am looking for a […]

The Greenhorns