Crazy Stretched Faces 5
Play> *Coal Crazy* mp3 Coal Crazy / stele c10 is that a purple alien smirking (capo r2 r2=fret2 ) d bm em d in that jiggling jellow tree d em g a d or a two headed squirrel burping what is reality i gotta shut those coal plants down before […]

Coal Crazy

Play> *Green Freedom Im* mp3 Green Freedom stele.c12 hello lovers of life, green freedom fight for your life to have a sublime time do the eco vision things so your heart and soul can sing as a peaceful warrior for a better future for this life and for all the […]

Green Freedom

Keep Tigers Out Of Your Toilet 5
Erth Musicians: Help us polish lyrics. Toe Eelot Pae Pur stele/10 no doodoo-paper at our place for years old office paper and telephone books work great our back behinds like it, do not fear and the forests we save celebrate no more Toe Ee Lot Pay Purr we need those […]

Toe Eelot Pae Purr photosPigHoovesHandsKnees
I put this song together to honor Miru Kim photo show. It is largely based on her statement about the The Pig That Therefore I Am show. For me her photos and my song calls on us all to take a stand against factory farming. Feel free to create another […]

The Pig That Therefore I Am

White Aligator
Right click, Save Target, to download, : DRovicsAlligatorJenin.mp3. David Rovics sings out *Alligator Dick* and *City of Jenin* songs in this interview I did with him in Boulder. Yepperz, I was thrilled that my biggest political eco songwriting hero had time to sit a spell with me. I talked to […]

Alligator Dick

Co-writer(s) needed to help buff out this song. Co-writers may be able to share the copyright with me. MPG plus TGB stele c10 earth lovers drive eco cars with a super high MPG earth lovers don’t drive too far to get a super low TGB miles per gallon MPG total […]

MPG plus TGB