Try Vegan Please [How Not To Go Extinct]

“Add agae derived EPA and DHA omega-3, vitamin B12, flax seeds and nutritional yeast to a vegan diet of fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and tempeh to power up your bod.” ~ XOEarth Man ~ Stele [Nutrition Facts .org [more]

5 Cigarettes

  Play >> 5 Cigarettes .mp3 I will smoke 5 cigarettes today rather than eating 1 chicken egg harvard nurses health and other studies say its about as bad for my body either way so if I must [more]

Eat Smarty Beans, Not Farty Beans

To kill the fart factor in beans, add baking soda to the beans while cooking, after cooking or when soaking the beans once (or twice). Beans are friggen awesome for our bodies and our planet. However, a lot [more]