The Greenhorns


Hello Friends,

Young farmers deserve a bunch of songs to honor them and get others to join in.

The Greenhorns is a movie that talks about that. One young farmer has inferred that they don’t just raise wild tyme, they have a wild tyme.

So, I am looking for a songwiter and musicians to co-write and perform at least one song for them. Plus, just maybe The Greenhorns movie might use one of these songs.

(Song concept. Create a Shakespearean song that sees the Greenhorns as garden gods and goes through at least three seasons such as “late winter nights schemes, early spring mornings beams, and mid summer nights dream.)

some notes for version 1 of:
The Greenhorns Song – v1 stele c10
late winter nights schemes
digging up the chilly dirt
building beds for seeds
tucking in the sleepy worms

grow em out you greenhorns
young farmers sow your oats
heal our past with your power
grow the future with your valor

early spring mornings beams
tending the mulchy berms
turning over the compost cream
soaking some fertile seeds

grow em out you greenhorns
young farmers eat your oats
vanquish the poisons with your smarts
grow the future with your hearts

when your horns are high,
you beckon the lazy clouds
when your horns down
your hands dance in the ground

mid summer nights dream
reaping the supple organic beings
that celebrated the chance to live
because you sowed them as a seed

do kiss us please yee greenhorns
infect us with your earthe wisdom


the theater is the way you sow a seed
watering veggies is a dance and a jig
a choir of to shrivel the weed
and cheer as fruit grows on the twig

we see you prance when sowing seed
and water veggies as you dance a jig
we hear you chant to shrivel weed
and cheer as fruit grows on twig
-stele ely 2010

more notes:

grow em out you greenhorns
dance with a seed bag in the field
heal the past with your smarts
grow your future with your smarts

growing out their greenhorns
a farmy team, a crucial thing

hold your horns high to part the clouds
dig your horn down to plow a field

to life yee goddesses of fertile seed
to life yee gods of fertile soil

hold your green high to know the rain
put your horn down to plow a field

to unite your kind and knowledge
with other young farmers
in this land, in this world

hold your horns high to part the clouds
put your horn down to plow a field

The musician or writer who helps me complete this song will get a chance to win $4444. Those who sponsor us to write this song will share the copyright of the song and get a © certificate stating such. Sponsor us via PayPal.

Another fine farmer in this vid via the Greenhorn blog.

For the life, Stele



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