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Vegan Pie


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Vegan Pie stele c12
planet earth is saying hey hey hey
some of my favorite species did eat one day
vegan pie and they stuck around quite a while
like the triceratops they ate vegan pie
and it got em high

the triceratops ate vegan pie
and that’s why they did live
for a million years yes they did
you know humans have been around a 100 thous
but if you wanna keep us going now
you better eat like they did

vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie

if you wanna keep living
on this planet eat vegan pie
the triceratops they had fun a lot
and they ate vegetarian everyday
they were big and strong and they all got along
cuz they ate organic yes way

vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie

let’s get high on vegan pie
vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie
let’s get high on vegan pie,
vegan pie, vegan pie, vegan pie
let’s all get high on vegan pie,

you can win a triathlon on vegan pie
and you’ll look so sinewy and sexy
and the girls will say, hi you eat vegan pie?
your arteries and your neurons too
they will love you more yes they will way you
and by the way
just like that dinosaur one day
you will become an extinct being
but then you’ll turn into something else
and if ate vegan pie
it will protect the planet
so you can do it again
and get high on vegan pie

vegan pie, vegan pie,
let’s all get high on vegan pie,
it’s better for the planet
it’s better for everything
I have to song
about vegan pie

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