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This song is for Elephant Journal and possibly the Walk the Talk show if food is the topic. I am also sketching out other versions for shows related to bikes, yoga, gardens, carrying our own cups, spoons, plates and romance.

Vocalists, musicians or bands who would like to help me record a better version are invited to contact Stele. Get part of the copyright of the song for helping arrange and record the song, get a chance to win $4,444 and maybe get famous when it gets pressed. I want to get a nice version with vid to Waylon at Elephant Journal, so musicians and vid artists, help me get this baby finished.

I realize there are places in this song the words and I sound kinda trippy, but the song seemed to want it that way.

Walk The Talk / stele ely c2010

walk the talk /a bm c#m
on my journey from here to there /e d
guided by heart(love) and ecology /e a
for all the life on land, in sea and air / e d
I go mindfully / c d a, cda

high a a/shape g a/shape d a/shape low a a/shape

rude-uh the food-uh /am bm am bm
over processed (over) packaged craze /em dm
inhumane and weird chemistry /em am
so my cells don’t cry, shrivel or mutate /em dm
I eat mindfully / c d a, cda
[the yuck of junk/pain and weird chemistry]

nude-eh the food-eh /a bm c#m (sym)
on my tongue from farms not far /e d
the yum/thrill of fresh organic vivre /e a
so (all) my cells may twinkle as the stars / e d
I eat mindfully/ c d a, c d a [chew/poo]

walk the talk /a bm c#m
on my journey from here to there /e d
guided by deep lovology / e a
for all the life on land, in sea and air / e d
I go mindfully, I go mindfully / c d a, cda



walk the talk /a bm c#m
on your journey from here to there /e d
guided by love and ecology /e a
12 ravens joke because you dare / e d
to live mindfully / c d a, cda

swoon the spoon /a bm c#m
bringing your cup and spoon here and there /e d
guided by love and reuse-ology /e a
9 pines whisper and dance because you dare / e d
to live mindfully / c d a, cda

psych the bike /a bm c#m
your 2 wheels roll from here and there /e d
guided by love and velo-ology /e a
2 elk kiss because you dare / e d
to pedal mindfully / c d a, cda

toast the compost /a bm c#m
we hear you put leftovers and scraps in there /e d
with microbes, worms and soilology /e a
means less methane will go into the air / e d
composting mindfully / c d a, cda

flirt with dirt /a bm c#m
planting your seeds over there /e d
and water, compost and soil-ology /e a
growing veggies to ll go into the air / e d
composting mindfully / c d a, cda


Consider donating a few quarters to support this song and to keep Stele writing other environmental songs. Your tips will help get this song properly recorded and performed by touring musicians who can get this song working for our biosphere.


I could feel that 1000 species counting on me. Please pass this song around to your friends and fave musicians.

Those who help me arrange or record a better version of this environmental songs may be able to share in the copyright too.

I would also be thrilled to have some sponsors to help cover my daily expenses so I can keep my eco songs rolling, and help get other musicians going on their eco tunes too.

Musicians:: Perform this song to help our planet. Remix and arrange this baby all you want.
Fans:: Sponsor this song and get partial copyright — $44 can get you a copyright certificate showing your percentage of the copyright (the percentage varies depending on the song). By the way, $44 pays for a whole day of Stele’s life expenses including rent, food, guitar strings and other vitals). Plus, I will keep improving the song.
Artists:: Help us do a video for YouTube or do other multimedia goodies for the song.
Students:: Intern with Stele and help get this and other songs on the charts.

I am working at coming up with 140 hit song ideas for the 140,000 endangered species this year.

I will be recording alot of these songs on my own and with other musicians. Other musicians will be invited to write and record the other concepts on their own so put out a full 140 songs over the year. That averages one eco song for every 1000 endangered species being written and recorded every 62 hours — 2.6 days.

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