Eco Tune-Ups for a Green and Efficient Home


 'earthee' works for you and the planet


       Eco Tune-Ups. For Your Home. For Your Planet.

Your local XOEarthWorks working members offer the following services to help you protect our priceless planet and save you money.
Go to to find working members' profiles and services offered.
All working members are independent, self-employed and pay no fees to
All working members pledge to donate 1% to selected environmental orgs.
If you are interested in becoming a working member please contact us.

  Gardens Inside /Outside & Hoopdomes.

We can help you start and maintain a garden year-round to grow yummy herbs and veggies -- inside or outside. Container, hoopdomes, hoophouse and pyramid gardens are vital and good for the biosphere. Contact us for help with your garden today.

  Xeriscaping /Landscaping.

We offer human powered, high quality landscaping, xeriscaping and lawn services to save our planet's water, air and land. Get a beautiful yard while reducing fertilizer pollution, protecting life and our climate. For existing lawns, we can show you a mowing style that leaves swaths of grass, clover and wildflowers for a more beautiful lawn and to burn less gasoline. "A little long grass can save our itty bitty gas." Let's not waste our limited oil reserves.

  Stylish & Stealthy Clothes Lines.

We will help you put up a sweet looking outside or inside clothesline that is far more ecological than using a clothes dryer. It takes 8 or more power plants to run US clothes dryers. We can also install filters on conventional clothes dryers to re-route heat back into your house.

  Composting Inside /Outside.

We can help you setup a snazzy compost bin that helps protect the climate, produces fertilizer and is a fun home for earthworms and rolly pollies. Landfills create methane - a major greenhouse gas - when yard trimmings, fruit and vegetable food decompose.

  Organic & Local Food.

We can help you find groovy organic farmers to reduce the pesticides on your food, protect rivers and lakes, save wildlife and reduce global warming. We will connect you with a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) cooperative too.

  Water Conservation.

We can install toilet bowel flush control retrofits or low-flush toilets that are eco smart. Let's put in low-flow showerheads, low-flow faucet aerators, water filters and timers. We can fix those drippers too.

  Responsible Investing.

We can recommend environmental non-profit organizations to contribute to or reserve assets for -- in exchange for tax perks.
We can also recommend our favorite green investment funds that focus on ecological commitment.

  Home & Appliance Coil Cleaning.

We will clean your refrigerator and freezer coils, and clothes dryer ducts, to save lots of energy and improve indoor air. Insulating refrigerator sides - especially old ones - is crucial too. We can make your home spiffy clean with the eco and healthy cleaning supplies we use.

  Window /Door /Fridge /H2O Insulation.

To insulate windows and doors we can install clear plastic or plexi double pane inserts, and do caulking and stripping to help keep your home cozy. Nice looking magnetic blankets for refrigerators and water heaters are another eco upgrade.

  Painting Outside /Inside.

We can help you seal and paint your house, fence, cabinets, outdoor furniture, asphalt driveway and roof to help protect them so they last longer.

  Audits, Repairs, Upgrades & Remodels.

We offer energy audits to help identify cost effective ways to power up your home's energy efficiency - including a structural energy efficiency scan. For big repairs and upgrades, we will introduce you to our favorite eco contractors and energy upgrade pros.

  Eco Home Tricks & Tips.

We can help you buy and install energy-efficient appliances, automatic timers, movement sensors, light switch dimmers and programmable thermostats. Sign up with our favorite renewable energy companies too.

Tips: Check oven and refrigerator gaskets. Avoid preheating ovens. Clothes lines are far more eco than gas and electric clothes dryers. Clear the lint filters. LED lights can save $40/yr. Set water heater at 120-130F, refrigerator at 37F, freezer at 3F.

  Eco Car & Airline Talk.

We can help you offset your car and airline carbon footprint via inexpensive carbon credits. We can refer you to ecological car repair services, car upgrades, help permanently retire an older polluting car, and help you find ride shares. We can also help you find ways to drive less. Let's reduce our foreign oil imports from oppressive regimes. Tips: Check tire air pressure, get regular tune-ups and change car oil to save 10%/yr.

  Eco Teams & Organizations.

We can help you pick an excellent environmental organization to support. Examples include The Sierra Club, EDF, Nature Conservancy and XOEarth.

Go to to find a working member in your area.
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The XOEarthWorks Mission ::  'EarthEE' works for you and the planet
+ To help motivated, environmentally conscious people start and operate their own businesses that offer ethical ecological services and products that help protect our biosphere and save money for the customer.
+ To help build a global network of self-employed eco workers that help one another via expertise sharing and referrals.
+ To help raise funds for crucial non-profit environmental organizations by asking eco workers to make voluntary contributions.
+ To not charge individuals any fee or commission to be a XOEarthWorks member.


XOEarthWorks Member Pledge ::
+ I pledge to work ethically to help create a sustainable society by providing environmental services, referrals or products to individuals and businesses in my neighborhood.
+ I pledge to only do work or perform services that I have properly studied and trained for.
+ I pledge to contribute 1% or more of my gross earnings/ sales (before any expenses or cost of goods are deducted) to one or more non-profit environmental organizations.
+ Suggested organizations to donate to include Sierra Club, Greenpeace, NRDC, NatureConservancy and (XOEarth's director is Stele Ely, XOEarth Works founder)
+ I pledge to create a profile page where I can post recommendations I have received from customers, post how much I have donated to the environmental  'EarthEE' works for you and the planet organization(s) of my choice and get XOEarthWorks news and updates.
+ I acknowledge that I am not an employee of, nor a contractor for, the XOEarthWorks organization and that all moneys that I collect are my own.
+ I agree to uphold these pledge agreements in order to use the XOEarthWorks name and materials.


Welcome ::
If you are an environmentally conscious individual that wants to provide one or more of the ecological services listed above, then we welcome you to go to, join us, and tell us about yourself and why you want to be an XOEarthWorks Member. We can help arrange the training for some of these services.
If your reasons to join XOEarthWorks sound good, then::
1/ You will be invited to take the XOEarthWorks Member Pledge.
2/ Your name and profile will be added to the network.
3/ You will be invited to print out our XOEarthWorks flyers, business cards and other materials that you can give door-to-door, post on bulletin boards, customize and use in advertising.


Liability Waver ::
Because XOEarthWorks does not test, observe, monitor or qualify the services performed by members, and because members are neither employees of, nor contractors for XOEarthWorks, XOEarthWorks assumes no liability and no responsibility for the services and products offered by members.

   'EarthEE' works for you and the planet


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